Netflix And Movie Trailers Of The Week: The Lovebirds, Bloodshot, And More

Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

Another work week has passed by, the second full one since the holidays. It's an interesting time of the year for the movie world, as we're in the midst of Awards Season. The Golden Globes are in the rear view, while Academy Award nominations broke the internet this past Monday. And while conversation has been swirling about the noms and who might take home Oscars, there are also a variety of movies coming down the pipeline. This includes both theatrical releases and streaming services like Netflix and Disney+. Netflix had a particularly great year with the Academy, scoring a ton of Oscar nominations for movies like The Irishman and Marriage Story.

Given how busy the work week is, it might have been easy for you to miss some of the trailers. This week's choices weren't quite full of blockbusters, so there's a chance the trailers didn't get on your radar. But fear not, as CinemaBlend curates a weekly trailer roundup. Check out the latest below, and see how upcoming movies are being marketed for the public.

The Lovebirds

Murder mysteries are a tried and true genre, with Rian Johnson recently having great success with his Oscar nominated movie Knives Out. The next one comes from director Michael Showalter (Wet Hot American Summer), with his upcoming comedy The Lovebirds. Starring the newly ripped Kumail Nanjiani and Insecure's Issa Rae, the trailer follows an unsuspecting couple who accidentally gets involved in a grisly murder. They go on the run in an attempt to clear their name, and must get involved in the seedy criminal underground. Unfortunately, the duo does so while messing up basically everything along the way. The cast also includes Pitch Perfect and True Blood actress Anna Camp and House of Cards alum Paul Sparks. The Lovebirds will arrive in theaters on April 3rd.

Bloodshot Trailer 2

It's no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. And as such, plenty of stories are making their way from the page to the screen. Most of these titles come from either DC or Marvel, but then there's Bloodshot. Based off the Valiant comic character of the same name, the upcoming blockbuster will feature action star Vin Diesel as the title character. The role is decidedly darker than his Guardian of the Galaxy character Groot, playing a killing machine who is genetically enhanced and lethal. This new trailer reveals way more action, with Diesel looking like a comic book accurate version of the superhero. The cast also includes Outlander's Sam Heughan, Alita: Battle Angel's Eiza González, and Guy Pearce. Bloodshot will shoot its way into theaters on March 13th.

Disney+'s Stargirl

While Netflix has been producing plenty of original movies over the past few years, Disney+ has put out an impressive amount of content since it launched. There have been both TV and film projects, with Julia's Hart's Stargirl being one of the projects coming down the pipeline. Stargirl follows a shy teenage boy named Leo (Fargo's Graham Verchere), who meets a remarkable girl going by the name of Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal). Move over Lady Bird, there's another alternative high school student on the scene. While Leo tries to blend in and disappear, Stargirl is colorful, musical, and unique and the two form a special bond. Also featured in the cast are Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito and Scandal's Darby Stanchfield. Stargirl will be available to stream March 13th on Disney+.

Guns Akimbo

While Daniel Radcliffe is an actor whose name is synonymous with his role in the Harry Potter franchise, he's done a ton of interesting independent projects since graduating from Hogwarts-- both on the small and big screen. Radcliffe has also been shown to have a penchant for ultra stylistic and unconventional projects, and that's certainly true for Guns Akimbo. The upcoming action comedy movie is directed by Jason Lei Howden, and follows protagonist Miles as he deals with some wild circumstances. A group called Skizm forces people to fight to the death, recording it and putting it online. Unfortunately, Miles gets himself involved, and all sorts of hilarity and misadventures follow. Did I mention he's just got guns stuck to his hands, and she happens to be a badass? Opposite Radcliffe is Ready or Not's Samara Weaving. Guns Akimbo will arrive in theaters on March 5th.

Netflix's Lost Girls

As previously mentioned, Netflix had a very strong year in 2019. The streaming service ranked up more Oscar nominations than any other studio, proving that streaming projects could become real Awards Season contenders. And Netflix is showing no signs of slowing down its movie production. Enter Lost Girls, directed by Liz Garbus. Based off the best selling novel of the same name, the story follows The Office's Amy Ryan as real-life advocate Mari Gilbert. After her daughter goes missing, she hounds local law enforcement. Eventually they find a handful of bodies, all of which were dead prostitutes killed by the Long Island serial killer. She fights the stigma against sex workers and fights for victim's families, while continuing to search for her daughter. Lost Girls will be available to stream on Netflix March 13th.

Clearly there are plenty of exciting projects coming down the pipeline in the movie world. And while all eyes might be on which titles snag the most trophies during the Academy Awards, there are also movies heading to theater sand streaming services over the next few months. And with the streaming world only continuing to gain more power within the industry, there's no telling what might come from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and so on. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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