New Jurassic World 3 Video Shows Awesome Triceratops Puppet

Triceratops in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

CGI has allowed moviemakers to deliver a lot of astounding visuals and spectacles on the big screen, but there’s still nothing quite like seeing an effect created practically. In the case of the Jurassic World film series, just like its Jurassic Park predecessors, these movies have used puppetry to bring some of its dinosaurs to “life,” and Jurassic World 3 will continue in that tradition, as evidenced by the triceratops puppet seen below.

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How adorable is that little thing! Move over, Baby Yoda, you have some competition. Seriously though, this puppet-operated baby triceratops Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow showed on Twitter looks cool. Sadly, this little guy is trapped in a cage, indicating he’s part of a group of dinosaurs who have been captured rather than getting to run around free on the U.S. mainland.

You’ll recall that at the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, young Maisie Lockwood freed nearly all of the dinosaurs that were being held on the Lockwood estate to save them from being killed. Humanity now has to learn to live with dinosaurs among them, and as we saw in the short film Battle at Big Rock, it’s not an easy thing to get used to. However, there were still a scattering of dinosaurs that left Fallen Kingdom still in captivity, and you can be sure more have been tossed in cages in the time between that movie and Jurassic World 3.

With a year and a half to go until Jurassic World 3’s release, hopefully we’ll get to see more puppet-operated dinosaurs as part of the behind-the-scenes looks. While the Jurassic World movies have obviously taken advantage of CGI, especially when it comes to the bigger prehistoric creatures, it’s nice to see that they turn to puppetry and animatronics in certain instances, just like Steven Spielberg did with the original Jurassic Park nearly 30 years ago.

After passing on duties to J.A. Bayona for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Colin Trevorrow is sitting back in the director’s chair for Jurassic World 3, in addition to executive producing and co-writing the script with Emily Carmichael based off a story he and Derek Connolly thought up. While no specific plot details have been revealed for the threequel yet, among the things Trevorrow has mentioned is it will be a “celebration” of the entire Jurassic Park franchise, it won’t revolve around dinosaurs attacking cities and there won’t be any hybrid dinos.

As far as on-camera talent goes, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will reprise Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, respectively, and they’ll be joined by their Fallen Kingdom costars Justice Smith and Daniella Pindea. Additionally, Jurassic World 3 will also see the return of Sam Neill’s Alan Grant, Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm and Laura Dern’s Ellie Sattler. While Goldblum briefly appeared in Fallen Kingdom, he and the rest of the iconic Jurassic Park trio are expected to have major roles in this new movie.

Jurassic World 3 rampages into theaters on June 11, 2021, with filming scheduled to begin next month. We here at CinemaBlend will keep you updated on how things are coming along on the threequel, but in the meantime, you can learn what’s on the way this year with our 2020 release schedule.

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