6 Spider-Man Characters We'd Like To See Get Their Own Spin-Off Movie

Spider-Man Tom Holland

Sony had a plan to expand its Spider-Man franchise is a big way, and it's well on its way to becoming a truly massive thing. Yet another Spider-Man spinoff movie was added to Sony's docket recently, and for now, we can only speculate on which character is getting a standalone film.

While we don't know for sure who this new movie will be about, there's been buzz about some characters that could carry on a feature of their own. This list includes some of those, along with a few we'd love to see get their own movie.

Jessica Drew Marvel Comics

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman is a well known character in the world of Marvel Comics, though she has never gotten attention in the Spider-Man movies. Her mother was hit by a beam of radiation containing spider DNA, but it was the in-utero Jessica that got all the powers. On paper she's got most the same powers as Spider-Man, with the added ability of gliding or flight, and the ability to shoot electrical bolts capable of killing a man.

A movie with Jessica Drew would almost have to be an origin story of sorts, mainly due to her lack of mainstream recognition. Once she's in though, she's like having another Spider-Man that isn't necessarily confined to the obligation of protecting New York. Jessica Drew has teamed with The Avengers, and members of The Fantastic Four a good number of times. She's the most popular candidate rumored for this untitled project, and could have a huge impact in the MCU if Marvel Studios would let another Sony character in the mix.

Kraven The Hunter Marvel Comics

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven The Hunter is an incredibly athletic big game hunter, made all the more powerful by a potion that gives him superhuman abilities and has drastically decreased his aging. He lives for the hunt, and is at a point where he finds better sport in hunting down superheroes such as Spider-Man. In addition to having powers comparable to Spider-Man in terms of physical ability, Kraven has an extensive knowledge of hunting tools, and has some rather elaborate methods of tracking down his prey and potentially taking them down.

With Spider-Man being accused of murder at the end at Spider-Man: Far From Home, it would certainly behoove Sony to bring in Kraven as an enemy to track down Spider-Man and bring him to justice. With this untitled Spider-Man project happening months after Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3, it would be possible to introduce a villain like Kraven briefly, and then give him a larger movie immediately after. Perhaps a movie would chronicle his next step after defeat, or a potential gathering of troops to form the Sinister Six?

Nightwatch Marvel Comics


Dr. Kevin Barry Trench's life changed forever when he saw a costumed hero die in a battle with terrorists. The Spider-Man character got the ultimate plot twist when he unmasked the hero to see it was actually a future version of himself. Trench tried to avoid the fate, but ultimately was driven into being a superhero via a suit equipped with nanotechnology. This includes a cape that reacts to his subconscious, somewhat similar to how Doctor Strange's cape works.

There has been talk of a Nightwatch Spider-Man movie in the past, possibly because there's a variety of directions Sony can go with the character. Though he ultimately became a hero, Nightwatch started off as a villain called Nighteater. I could see how making that transition would make for an interesting stand-alone movie, and ultimately set Spidey up with a potential ally should he ever clash with the Sinister Six.

Daredevil Netflix


A Spider-Man character who needs little introduction, especially after his appearances in Spider-Man: Enter The Spiderverse and Netflix's Daredevil series. Kingpin is the main crime boss of Marvel, and capable of bringing even those more powerful than him in check. While not super-powered in any way, Kingpin has been shown in Marvel Comics as strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Captain America, and strong-minded enough to resist the influence of telepaths.

With movies like Joker performing in theaters, and Marvel not entirely opposed to making movies with an R-rating, I'd love to see Kingpin get a standalone introduction to Sony's Spider-Man universe. Specifically, I'd love to see Vincent D'Onofrio reprise his role as Wilson Fisk, whether it be the same character from Netflix's Daredevil or a new version of the character similar to what was done with J.K. Simmons and J. Jonah Jameson. It's worth mentioning that the rights to Daredevil and its characters would revert back to Marvel by the time this movie is out, though Sony already used Kingpin in animated form.

Black Cat Marvel

Black Cat

Black Cat is Spider-Man's answer to DC's Catwoman, though creator Marv Wolfman has claimed the Spider-Man character was actually inspired from a Tex Avery cartoon. Though Felicia Hardy didn't have powers when she first appeared in Spider-Man, her powers have been tweaked and changed over the years to make her more catlike, sometimes naturally and sometimes through the use of specialized electronics. Perhaps most importantly she's a known love interest of Spider-Man, and has been featured in several adventures because of that.

Black Cat could be some big trouble in the Spider-Man movies, and not because she's a massive threat as a villain. Sony literally just got Peter and MJ together, imagine the mess it would cause if Black Cat entered the picture and started some love triangle between them? That wouldn't be fodder for a solo movie though, and it appears Sony has plans for a bigger standalone movie for the character. At least that was the plan some time ago, when Sony disbanded the Black Cat and Silver Sable team up movie for two separate projects.

Prowler Marvel


Prowler already got a storyline in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse, but as the multiple-Spideys said in that movie, let's start from the beginning. Aaron Davis has already been seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the career criminal could at one point become the villain turned eventually anti-hero that has been around Spider-Man for years.

Not only has Spider-Man: Homecoming already laid the groundwork for a Prowler spinoff, they already have an awesome actor in Donald Glover to play him. Prowler's both sides mentality makes him a Spider-Man character that could be very versatile in the franchise down the stretch, so it's understandable why Sony would want to give him more exposure. Honestly, if it's too late to get Glover to play a live-action Miles Morales in Spider-Man, this is the next best thing.

Any Spider-Man characters you'd like to see in future movies? List them in the comments, and continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news in television and movies.

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