James Gunn Is Having The Best Time Filming The Suicide Squad In Panama

Harley Quinn in David Ayer's Suicide Squad
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Following Harley Quinn’s side adventure in Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie will once again be back on the Suicide Squad in James Gunn’s fresh take on the Task Force X for 2021. Since September, The Suicide Squad's production has been underway in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast is currently filming in Panama City, and James Gunn looks like he’s having the time of his life there. Take a look:

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As the Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director recently announced, The Suicide Squad has less than a month left to film, and Panama City, Panama looks to be its last stop. James Gunn posed with members of the production's crew and local kids. He commended the city for being so welcoming to the cast of The Suicide Squad as they film on their streets in his Twitter post.

On Friday, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was spotted in Panama City donning a frilly red dress and large red and black bow at the Central Hotel. It’s a far cry from her recent look in Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey. The pigtails and pink are nowhere to be found. Also spotted were John Cena and Idris Elba, who have undisclosed roles in the film. They were just wearing loungewear, so we still don’t know who the heck they are going to play. The rumor is that Cena is playing Peacemaker, though.

After many fans were convinced Nathan Fillon was playing Arm-Fall-Off-Boy in the movie, James Gunn recently debunked that theory. Tons of new characters are joining the cast this time around, with Taika Waititi, Michael Rooker, David Dastmalchian, Pete Davidson, Peter Capaldi, Sean Gunn and Storm Reid coming on board, just to name a few. Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flag, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller are also reprising their roles.

James Gunn nabbed the DC job after being temporarily fired from helming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 when controversial tweets of his resurfaced. He’s writing and directing the Warner Bros project for next summer, and after being rehired by Marvel, he’ll jump back onto the MCU trilogy after he finishes The Suicide Squad up. For the time being, we’re not entirely sure how this DC franchise is being handled, as it's been called both a reboot and sequel.

Birds of Prey recently opened below expectations, but has since nabbed $154 million worldwide heading into its second weekend at the box office. Wonder Woman 1984 will round out the studio's comic book movies in 2020. Ahead of The Suicide Squad, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman will be released in July 2021. The first look at his Batsuit was just revealed.

It will be exciting to see how Panama City, Panama plays into The Suicide Squad story when James Gunn’s upcoming movie hits theaters on August 6, 2021.

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