7 Questions We Can't Get Out Of Our Head Since Seeing Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog confused, holding a ring

Warning: spoilers for Sonic The Hedgehog are in play. If you haven’t seen the movie just yet, spinball out of here and come back once you’ve caught up.

After an amazing start to its theatrical release, the long awaited movie adaptation of Sonic The Hedgehog has sped its way into theaters, as well as the hearts of its fandom. With a fast and funny adventure in the books, there’s a lot to discuss after seeing that first film.

But there’s a handful of questions that, once we started to ponder them over, became rent free tenants inside of our heads. Just as there are seven Chaos Emeralds in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog, we have that number of questions we really want to see answers to. So if you’re like us, and you like to ask and potentially answer your own questions in the presence of fellow franchise fans, you’re going to love the list of issues we’ve started to snoop around.

We’ll start off with the most obvious question, but if you want to stay away from spoilers, this is your last call to turn back.

Sonic The Hedgehog staring with a frown

When Are We Getting A Sequel To Sonic The Hedgehog?

We may as well start with the most obvious question most people are probably asking when they walk out of Sonic The Hedgehog: when in the world are we getting a sequel? With the film not only shooting straight to the top slot of video game movie openings, the grosses that are funneling into Paramount’s bank account are growing at a pretty nice clip. So when could we expect a sequel announcement?

That answer might depend on one factor: when/if Sonic The Hedgehog manages to pass the total worldwide grosses of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. As Sonic’s cinematic odyssey is sitting at roughly $203 million in total, with Pikachu’s endgame setting the bar at around $433 million, we might still be another couple weeks away from hearing about another fast paced adventure. But if the results thus far are to the liking of Paramount’s top brass, we could hear good news sooner than that milestone’s crossing.

Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic and Shadow stand back to back

Which Other Sonic The Hedgehog Characters Could We Expect To See Next?

At the end of Sonic The Hedgehog, we’ve not only been introduced to Ben Schwartz’s new incarnation of this blue speedster, but introductions have also been made when it comes to Sonic’s best friend Tails, as well as his former enemy Knuckles. With other worlds sitting out there, waiting to be discovered by Sonic and his friends, it’s a good time to ask whether we might see some other Sonic The Hedgehog characters from other games and media?

Could we see Sonic Adventure folks like Amy, Big the Cat, and Gamma? Maybe the third film in the trilogy will introduce Shadow The Hedgehog for the ultimate mirror match? Our guess is the answer to this question would be pending the results of a hypothetical Sonic The Hedgehog 2, as whatever that movie does to open the franchise up will be the bridge to other new friends appearing.

Sonic Mania Sonic floats in the air with the Chaos Emeralds

Where Are The Chaos Emeralds?

One of the most important pieces of Sonic The Hedgehog lore, we never did see Sonic or Robotnik even mention the Chaos Emeralds from the original run of Sonic games. The seven gems that, when collected, either turn our hero into Super Sonic or spell certain doom for the world at the hands of Dr. Eggman, there wasn’t even a hint provided towards their existence.

There are two answers to this particular question, and they’re both rather interesting. The simpler answer is that we’ll probably see them in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, as that film will probably want to go off world to explore more of those safe zones Sonic had earmarked for potential escapes. Since Robotnik is in one such world, he might already be discovering them as we speak. However, if the concept art that was leaked from the film has anything to say, the Chaos Emeralds might have existed in a previous draft, only to be written out of the film in later revisions.

Sonic The Hedgehog runs with a ring in his hand

Who Is That Lizard Villain Originally Designed For Sonic The Hedgehog?

Much as the concept art for Sonic The Hedgehog showed a version of the film where Chris Evans was playing the role of James Marsden’s Tom Wachowski, a very different concept for a potential villain was revealed. In drawings that made their way to the internet, courtesy of a fan’s notable efforts, there was a mysterious looking lizard that had what looked like a glowing staff with a gem embedded in the tip.

While we’re not exactly sure who that character is, it’s safe to say that this lizard would have been a villain that Sonic would have had to square off against in Sonic The Hedgehog. Also, this might be one of those questions worth keeping open, as if there is a second Sonic The Hedgehog movie, we might see this creepy antagonist brought into the picture to be a new force for evil.

Sonic The Hedgehog looking up at the drone stuck to his head

How Will Sonic Stay Hidden From The Government?

Now that the town of Green Hills, Montana knows of Sonic The Hedgehog’s existence, the young woodland creature from another world won’t have to play it as quiet as he has been for the past decade. However, as we saw towards the end of the movie, the United States government is still looking to meet with the blue blur.

So how is Sonic going to stay hidden, especially when there’s probably so much surveillance trained on the small town, someone could be filmed sneezing? Well, between disguises and a town thankful for a hero that prevented its potential destruction by Dr. Robotnik, there’s a good chance that he won’t have to worry too much about being found out. However, knowing the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, we’re not going to see a potential sequel set solely within those borders; so let’s hope his disguise game is on point.

Sonic The Hedgehog Robotnik trapped on the Mushroom Hill Zone

Will Dr. Robotnik Actually Make It Home By Christmas?

Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik has officially, absolutely, and quantifiably lost his marbles. Shaving his head in his new home on the Mushroom Hill Zone, he’s ready to figure out a way to get home, and fast. In fact, he even set himself a self-imposed deadline of getting home by Christmas. Way to go, Eggman! Don’t let your interdimensional exile rob you of your dreams!

But could Robotnik actually get home by Christmas? Well, if he happens to find one of the fabled Chaos Emeralds, or even a random transport ring that may have slipped out of Sonic’s fur during Sonic The Hedgehog’s climactic battle, then it wouldn’t take that long at all. Still, The Wachowskis might want to check their chimney extra carefully before the holiday.

Sonic The Hedgehog Baby Sonic offers a flower, with Echidnas waiting in the background

What Happened To Longclaw?

A new introduction to the world of Sonic The Hedgehog, the wise owl known as Longclaw was revealed to be the caretaker of Baby Sonic in his home universe. We sadly didn’t get to see her all that much, as she sent her young ward to Earth for his own protection. While it was implied she had a skirmish with the Echidnas chasing after Sonic and his powers, we never saw the result of that particular battle.

That leads to our last big question: what actually happened to Longclaw? Those events took place a decade ago, and while it might be further suggested that she may have been defeated by the Echidnas, that seems a bit dark for where Sonic The Hedgehog is as a film franchise. It feels like we might get to see her again, at least once more, in a potential sequel; or at least we’re really hoping that’s the case.

A lot of things can happen if we actually get another Sonic The Hedgehog movie, but for now those questions will remain on the table, waiting for answers. You can certainly bet that if/when a sequel is confirmed, there will probably be other questions that spring to mind on subsequent viewings.

For now though, these are the big questions we’d like to see answered from Sonic The Hedgehog, and those answers could lead to even further queries from fans eager to see what happens next. If you happen to have your own questions or answers to the ones above, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

However, if you need to see Sonic The Hedgehog again, or for a first time if you’ve been reading spoilers before seeing the movie, it’s currently in theaters now.

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