Rapunzel and Pascal in Tangled, When Will My Life Begin

Who ever said fairy tales can’t be relatable? I guess they didn’t meet 2020. Being trapped in a tower with a schedule full of tireless hobbies has never been so relatable. In Disney’s Tangled, princess Rapunzel was in a quarantine of her own when Mother Gothel kept her there to harness her healing hair powers and keep her away from her royal family. Now self-quarantined fans are noticing a strange connection between the movie and current pandemic. Check it out:

Whoa! With coronavirus being talked about left and right, Disney fans have realized that it was the same name as the kingdom Rapunzel hails from in Tangled. The word “Corona” can be derived from the Latin word for “crown,” which is the symbol of royalty. It makes sense why Disney would use the word to name a literal royal kingdom. And in terms of coronavirus itself, it was named “Corona” because under a microscope, it has the appearance of a crown.

What a strange coincidence that Tangled would share “Corona” and a quarantine storyline. That’s not all though, as Twitter is finding more bizarre connections:

That’s right, Tangled is close to celebrating its 10th anniversary in November. Could this exact date predict the day we can finally fling from our homes with lengthened hair and more skill sets? Let’s hope not – that would be eight months from now. Did the filmmakers just somehow know? It's pretty crazy that a Disney musical kind of “predicted” the future?

Before you conspiracy theorize Disney's behind the whole thing, remember the studio could be looking at losing a ton of money over the delays of Mulan and Black Widow. Plus, the Disney parks are closed and that’s costing the company millions already.

But as many people find themselves at home a lot more these days, they’re looking to Rapunzel for activities to get into. Pro tip: there’s a ton of ideas in the opening song “When Will My Life Begin”:

Disney fans are also looking to the storyline to try and inspire others to stay at home as many governments have asked their citizens to do in order to “Flatten the Curve.” See…

It’s not too bad! The princess had a greater appreciation for the small things about the outside world, got herself a hunky man by the end of it and had a ton of skills to show off! Apparently Rapunzel isn’t the only Disney Princess who knows her way around a safe quarantine. This user gave love to Elsa – dubbing her the Quarantine Princess, since Punzie already took over the Quarantine Queen spot.

Interestingly enough, Frozen is more timely than ever! Although she wanted to see her sister and the kingdom, she locked herself in her room and worked on her powers in order to save everyone. A model example in these times! But now that everyone’s looking back to Tangled, we have to wonder how it will affect us after all this. Remember when Rapunzel got all scared over a cute bunny?

This seems to be ample time to revisit Tangled on Disney+. And this time, we’re taking notes.

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