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Mufasa and Scar from The Lion King (1994).

The coronavirus has put a serious damper on how the public consumes entertainment, as most are now relying on streaming services for content in the midst of movie theater closures. However, some people are finding other ways to get creative during their self-quarantines, and one fan of The Lion King is causing a stir with some personal fan art.

Social media creative Marco the Artist, or @mastermindsconnect, shared some fan art that reimagined The Lion King’s Mufasa with a human body. The lion is also depicted as a pretty fit specimen. You can see what the result is down below:

That’s not all, though. If you thought that was odd, then you’ll work to take a look at his rendering for Scar, which puts the iconic villain in a black suit. Check it out in the next set of photos:

This is definitely an “interesting” new take on two of Disney’s most beloved characters, and the internet is indeed taking notice. Some are even finding themselves oddly attracted to what they see:

Many have jokingly pointed out that the pair look like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor and Loki when they’re wearing plain clothes on Earth, which is a fair point. Conversely, others feel they are reminiscent of two Hollywood stars:

Some might say there’s a bit of “thirst” when it comes to this post, and one Twitter user would agree with that sentiment. @israelizreal, who shared the original posts on Twitter and made them viral sensations, could only sum up the responses to his post in one sentence:

Simba and Mufasa are far from the first fictional characters to be reimagined through fan art. In the midst of the Baby Yoda craze, someone reimagined Jabba the Hutt as an infant, with many calling the slimy, little worm cute.

The same also goes for celebrities and fictional characters. With Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk on the way, fans have transformed actresses like Rosario Dawson and Allison Brie into the green superheroine. Even Daniel Radcliffe has gotten the superhero treatment, having been drawn as Marvel superhero Moon Knight.

It’s safe to say that the public may be running out of things to do, while they’re forced to stay in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why film studios are doing what they can to make sure there’s an ample amount of content available to consumers. Disney has even released Frozen II on their streaming service early, and Onward, the latest film from Pixar is expected to follow suit next month.

It could be argued that this concept art was inspired by a viewing of The Lion King, but unless Marco speaks out, we won’t know for sure. What we do know is that you can now stream both iterations of The Lion King on Disney+.

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