Awesome Fan Art Shares What Jabba The Hutt Would Look Like As A Baby Jabba

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Jabba the Hutt

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The world has been bedazzled and riveted by The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda ever since he debuted in Season 1. Could pop culture be in for a new obsession? You have met Baby Yoda, but what about Baby Jabba? It has not happened yet. However, some awesome fan art has envisioned the potential of Jabba the Hutt in baby form!

It is the image you never knew you needed to see. Jabba the Hutt was missing from Solo: A Star Wars Story, but fans can now experience his baby-fied presence! Actress Olivia Munn has shared an incredible fan-made imagining of Baby Jabba from Reddit, and the result is adorable! Check out the picture below:

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It is worth noting that avid Baby Yoda enthusiast, Laura Dern, responded to Olivia Munn’s post with a heart-eyes emoji. The image already has more than fifty-thousand likes on Instagram. Baby Jabba to The Mandalorian Season 2? One can only hope after seeing this incredible fan-made art. Would adding Baby Jabba mean one too many babies on the series?

You do not want to flood the market, so I am not quite sure. It is a neat thing to contemplate, though. The Mandalorian has already introduced the world to the adorableness that is Baby Yoda, but should the well-received series quit while it is ahead? Baby Yoda and Baby Jabba obviously represent two different things in Star Wars canon.

Jabba the Hutt is a crime leader, while adult Yoda is a Jedi master. You cannot get more contrary in terms of morality. Of course, Baby Yoda is not actually Yoda as a baby. Technically known as “The Child,” he is a mysterious entity that fans are incredibly curious about and whose origins are shrouded in secrecy.

As confirmed by The Mandalorian’s co-creator, the show’s timeline takes place after Return of the Jedi. Hence, Baby Jabba would not be Jabba the Hutt as a baby, because Princess Leia killed him in that film. Like Baby Yoda, death does not mean the end of Baby Jabba’s potential. Considering the pricy secrecy around Baby Yoda, any theoretical plans for Baby Jabba would also be kept hush-hush.

Would viewers get behind Baby Jabba, the same way they have with Baby Yoda? Obviously, Baby Jabba would have to actually be a part of The Mandalorian or Star Wars universe to make that a reality. Time will tell what ends up happening. Olivia Munn and Laura Dern are clearly supportive.

I have to say that Baby Jabba is super cute. I could definitely see toy versions flying off the shelves, but Baby Jabba would have to contribute some significant memes to reach the pop culture prevalence that Baby Yoda has covered. It would be an exciting rivalry!

You can currently see Baby Yoda in Season 1 of The Mandalorian, which is streaming on Disney+. CinemaBlend’s Gina Carbone has plenty of other Disney+ suggestions to watch post-Mandalorian. Season 2 is currently slated to arrive in fall 2020, a.k.a., well after this winter’s premieres!

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