11 Star Wars Funko Pops We Can't Believe They Haven't Made Yet

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

If Star Wars has taught us anything over the years, it's that merchandise is king. George Lucas knew this, why else would he pass up on an additional $500,000 directing fee in order to retain the rights to merchandise tied to his space opera all those years ago? And over the years, fans of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and even Baby Yoda have purchased anything and everything associated with the Star Wars brand, including Funko Pops. Lots and lots of Funko Pops.

As of early 2020, there are no fewer than 300 official Star Wars Funko Pops with who knows how many fan-made and bootleg figurines out in the wild. With the vast number of figures released over the years, you would think that there would be nothing left to make, right? Well, between feature films and Disney+, we've gotten new installments to the Star Wars universe, and there are plenty of characters and scenes that have yet to transformed into vinyl figures or see the light of GameStop locations and convention centers around the world.

But what characters (or variations of those characters) have yet to be made? Surprisingly, there are quite a few from the original trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, and even The Mandalorian. Without further ado, let's take a look at 11 Star Wars Funko Pops we can't believe haven't been made yet.

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda (In His Pod)

Upon the release of The Mandalorian in November 2019, all anyone wanted was Baby Yoda merchandise. It even got to the point where Disney started cracking down on homemade Baby Yoda toys wherever they popped up. Thankfully for everyone, toys based on The Child became available over the ensuing months, but surprisingly, there are only one regular-sized Funko Pop based on everyone's favorite character.

One figure that would surely satisfy eager fans would be Baby Yoda in his floating pod that he used for shelter when we first met him in the beginning of Season 1. If Disney, and Funko, truly want to capitalize on the hype, then making as many Baby Yoda figures as possible is the way they should go. And plus, who doesn't want another Baby Yoda toy in their collection.

Moff Gideon and crew in The Mandalorian

Moff Gideon

With Disney being tight-lipped about most of the character reveals in The Mandalorian, fans knew it would be awhile before some of the characters would see merchandise of their own, but it's hard to believe that Disney and Funko wouldn't have planned for a Moff Gideon figure by now.

Sure, the Imperial enforcer wasn't actually revealed (outside of promo footage ahead of the show's release) until the Season 1 penultimate episode, but pretty much every character has at least one Funko Pop by now. It doesn't have to be much; most fans would settle for a simple figure alone at this point. The greedy fans out there, however, would love for a Moff Gideon figure with his Outland TIE Fighter.

Emperor Palpatine in Return Of The Jedi

Throne Room Fight From Return Of The Jedi

Pretty much every major duel from Star Wars has a Funko Pop at this point. The epic fight at the end of The Empire Strikes Back and Rey and Kylo Ren taking down Snoke's guards in The Last Jedi both have their own Funko versions at this point, but the most consequential fight in the entire saga has yet to be transferred to vinyl goodness. I'm talking about the throne room fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader aboard the Death Star II in Return Of The Jedi.

How this epic duel hasn't popped up yet is beyond me. How cool would it look to have a Funko Pop of father and son facing off one final time with Emperor Palpatine sitting in the background? Take all my money, please.

Palpatine in The Rise Of Skywalker

Emperor Palpatine From The Rise Of Skywalker

Speaking of everyone's favorite sith lord, why haven't we received a new version of Emperor Palpatine following his return in The Rise Of Skywalker? Funko Pops based on other characters are currently available, but there seems to be no love for Darth Sidious and that crazy mechanical contraption keeping him alive.

Just imagine how cool it would look to have that evil mechanized goodness on your desk or shelf along with the rest of the Palpatine figures that have been released over the years. I mean, there are gold, silver, and translucent figures based on the big baddy, but we need the new and not-so-improved Palpatine Funko Pop like right now.

Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace

Darth Maul Vs. Obi Wan Kenobi And Qui-Gon Jinn From The Phantom Menace

How the "Duel Of The Fates" has yet to be recreated with Funko Pops is enough to drive a Star Wars fan crazy. Say what you will about the prequel trilogy, but the fight between Darth Maul and the team of Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn is without a doubt one of the coolest moments in the entire Skywalker Saga. The music, the choreography, and the tension combine into one of the greatest duels of in cinematic history.

Just imagine how awesome it would look to have those three characters square off in combat in a tight little package. It would probably cost an arm and a leg to purchase this one, but it would be well worth the price.

Anakin Skywalker In His Pod Racer

There are multiple Funko Pops for every version of Anakin Skywalker, including several of the young slave child from The Phantom Menace, but the closest we get to the Annie's pod racing scene is a figure of the future dark lord with his helmet and goggles.

Funko has already proved that they can produce vehicles and elaborate scenes, but still we don't have anything from the second best scene in the prequel trilogy. It doesn't have to be the whole pod racer, just the cockpit and young Anakin would do. Is that too much to ask?

Poe Dameron in The Force Awakens

Poe And Finn Escape In A TIE Fighter

One of the things that bothered me the most about the sequel trilogy is that we just didn't get enough of Poe Dameron and Finn after they became quick friends upon escaping the First Order in The Force Awakens. Sure, we got some cool adventures with the two in The Rise Of Skywalker, but it just wasn't enough.

Why not go back to the beginning and recreate the first time the stud pilot and former stormtrooper first met in that TIE fighter all those years ago? It could a simple variation of a TIE fighter with the two heroes back to back. We just need a great representation of the greatest bromance this side of the galaxy.

Rey in The Rise Of Skywalker

"Dark" Rey From The Rise Of Skywalker

Similar to the cave scene where Luke saw his own face under Vader's mask in The Empire Strikes Back (there's a Funko Pop for that), Rey had a moment in The Rise Of Skywalker where she had a vision of a dark version of herself toting a red double lightsaber, dark cloak, and an evil expression on her face.

With all of the different Rey variants available for purchase, it's crazy that there hasn't been a "Dark" Rey at this point. Why not complete the collection and release the version showing what would have happened to Rey if she had joined the dark side. The granddaughter of Palpatine deserves an evil Funko Pop.

Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi

The Sarlacc Pit

With so many Funko Pops from Return Of The Jedi, especially the opening act on Tatooine, it's hard to wrap your head around the fact that Disney and Funko haven't teamed up for a Sarlacc Pit at this point. It doesn't have to be the whole scene with the ships, a blinded Han Solo, Boba Fett, or anyone else, I'd settle for just the Sarlacc at this point.

There are quite a few unofficial and homemade versions of Boba Fett's final resting place, but nothing official at this point. If they do make one, please don't include the unnecessary bits added for the 1997 Special Editions.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker Handstand

There are so many Funko Pops from Luke Skywalker's time on Degobah, but we still haven't seen a recreation of Luke's famous handstand scene with Yoda on his feet. Funko has already produced several figures from that section of The Empire Strikes Back, none involve the handstand.

It wouldn't take much to produce Luke's feat of strength, but it would look pretty awesome to have that in your collection of multiple Luke Skywalker or Yoda Funko Pops.

Grand Moff Tarkin, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader in A New Hope

Princess Leia, Darth Vader, And Grand Moff Tarkin On The Death Star

And then there's the iconic scene where Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin force Princess Leia to watch her home planet of Alderaan get blown to dust by the Death Star in A New Hope. You would think that such a pivotal scene in the 1977 space epic would have appeared in the Funko Pop collection by now, but no dice.

You wouldn't need to recreate the entire Death Star (that'd be awesome though), but you could simply have the three characters standing next to one another with a background panel. All three figures have been created at this point, so it wouldn't take much to put it together.

Those are just 11 Star Wars Funko Pops that we can't believe haven't been made yet. Is there one that we left off? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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