Deadpool 3: 6 Marvel Characters We Want To See Featured

Deadpool 2 Deadpool with X-Men cast

To say that our anticipation for Deadpool 3 is through the roof would be an understatement. The first two films centering on the foul-mouthed mercenary were so fantastic that we’d be excited for the next sequel under normal circumstances, but the fact that he will next be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has our brains buzzing imagining possibilities. There were already a number of excellent characters just from the X-Men franchise that we wanted to see face off against or join up with Wade Wilson, but now the options are infinitely more diverse.

We still don’t know when Deadpool 3 is going to come together, and Marvel Studios has already established their slate through mid-2022, but that’s not stopping us from creating a wish list of characters we want to see featured in the sequel. Be they already established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or looking for an introduction, these are the heroes, villains, and anti-heroes we want to see pair up with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool in the near future:

Deadpool and Taskmaster


One of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming Black Widow movie is the fact that the film will be introducing audiences to Taskmaster – a fan-favorite villain who possesses photographic reflexes, giving him the ability to mimic any movement or fighting style he witnesses. Seeing him go toe-to-toe with Natasha Romanoff should be a real treat, as she as consistently proven herself as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most elite fighters, but we’re also very much hoping that the heroine doesn’t wind up killing him, as he needs to be around when Deadpool 3 gets on its feet.

Beyond the fact that we simply want to see more of Taskmaster in the future (what with him being super cool and all), he has a special relationship with the Merc With The Mouth in the comics that would be amazing to see explored on the big screen. Specifically, Deadpool’s brain is wired in such a way that makes him utterly unpredictable, rendering Tasky’s special ability totally useless. This fact has resulted in the two characters having an odd dynamic in the comics, and it would be wonderful to see it brought to life between Ryan Reynolds and whoever is under the mask in Black Widow.

Spider-Man and Deadpool


If last year’s contract dispute between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures taught us anything, it’s that Spider-Man’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hangs by a thread far weaker than one of the wall-crawler’s webs. There’s nothing permanent about the arrangement, and every time Peter Parker shows up in the franchise it could be one of his last appearances. It’s with this in mind that there is a kind of desperation in wanting to see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man get the chance to interact with a number of different hero and villain characters sooner rather than later, and Deadpool’s name is most definitely on that list.

The logistics of what it would take to get Spider-Man into Deadpool 3 are unclear, and it would probably require a special deal (one has to wonder if the R-rating would be an issue), but it would be amazing to see Marvel and Sony take the steps required to make it happen. Deadpool and Spidey have an exceptionally odd relationship in the comics given that the former sees the latter as a kind of idol, and the latter is horrified by the former’s total lack of morals, and that’s a dynamic we want to see between Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland. This one is a long shot, but we’re still putting it out into the universe.

Deadpool and Wolverine


One of the greatest challenges that lies ahead for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing movie fans to a brand new big screen version of Wolverine. Being a fan-favorite part of the X-Men brand, the character is guaranteed to be a part of the future plan for mutants in the massive superhero franchise, and with Hugh Jackman retiring from the part, Marvel Studios is going to have to find a new actor to play the part. That’s going to be a rough transition, so why not use Deadpool 3 to ease the process?

As Deadpool’s 2016 reinvention happened as Hugh Jackman was planning his exit from the X-Men franchise, fans never got to see his version of Wolverine paired up with the Ryan Reynolds character, and so having the clawed mutant involved in Deadpool 3 would scratch that particular itch – even with a new actor in the part. In fact, it could even be a running gag that the Merc With The Mouth recognizes that audiences are meeting a new version of Logan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and a cherry on top could be a cameo by Hugh Jackman as himself.

Bob Agent of Hydra and Deadpool

Bob, Agent Of Hydra

In the comics, Bob, Agent Of Hydra is a regular companion of Deadpool’s as he embarks on his ridiculous misadventures, and this fact has actually been recognized in Deadpool’s cinematic past. Fans will remember that Wade had a minor encounter with a character named Bob in the third act of his 2016 solo film, and this was a tip of the cap by the filmmakers to DP’s comic book friendship. There was a small hitch with that minor cameo, however, and it’s one that can now be solved in Deadpool 3.

The hitch that the first Deadpool movie faced was that the X-Men franchise didn’t have the rights to the Marvel term “Hydra,” meaning that the Bob character was stripped of most of his identity. Given the humor potential present in highlighting a henchman character who lacks any kind of real organizational loyalty, it would be great to see Deadpool 3 give him a more enhanced role and break the fourth wall recognizing the limitations of his first appearance.

Hit Monkey diving into a pile of weapons


Had Deadpool remained outside the boundaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s questionable whether or not he would have ever been able to encounter Hit-Monkey on the big screen. After all, while the character has been prominently featured in Deadpool comics, his introduction to the canon arrived via an eponymous one-shot in 2010. Of course, now that conflict doesn’t exist thanks to the Disney/Fox merger, so now seems like an opportune time to suggest his inclusion in Deadpool 3.

As his name implies, Hit-Monkey is similar to Deadpool in that he is a killer for hire – which is how their paths wound up first crossing in the comics (Spider-Man believed Deadpool was responsible for a job performed by the Japanese macaque). He’s such a bizarre character, with a history involving an assassin on the run getting his entire clan killed, and to see it unfold in live-action sounds like an awesome proposition.

Deadpool runs from Thanos


Similar to the cases with Wolverine and Bob, Agent Of Hydra, the case for wanting Thanos to have some kind of role in Deadpool 3 has two levels – one straight-forward, one more meta. As far as the straight-forward side goes, it’s notable that Deadpool and Thanos have a history in Marvel Comics, particularly driven by the fact that they are in love with the same woman: death. It’s a love triangle that would have to be partially manufactured in the sequel, as neither the Deadpool movies nor Thanos’ previous MCU adventures have previously established those romantic relationships, but it’s an affiliation that now has the capacity to be explored on the big screen.

The more meta side of things is the Josh Brolin of it all. Marvel fans will remember that Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War were released within months of each other, and one thing that they had in common was that they both featured Brolin in key roles – one with him playing Cable, and the other playing Thanos. It was funny then, and only made weirder now that Deadpool is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it would be great to have Deadpool 3 connect those puzzle pieces. They’ll have to work around the Mad Titan’s double death in Avengers: Endgame, but no comic book character can ever really die.

What Marvel characters, new or previously established, would you like to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature in Deadpool 3? Hit the comments section with your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for future updates about the project.

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