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Jailed Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein Interview

Prison inmate Harvey Weinstein has been placed in isolation after allegedly testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. The alleged diagnosis continues a whirlwind few weeks for the former super producer, as he was found guilty, sentenced to 23 years in prison and later rushed to the hospital.

The news definitely still needs an allegedly at this point. It was first reported by The Niagara Gazette. Following the initial publication, The Daily Beast reached out to Weinstein’s publicist, Juda Engelmayer, but he reportedly said he hadn’t heard any such thing. The New York Department Of Corrections has officially confirmed two inmates at Weinstein’s current prison, Wende Correctional Facility, have tested positive, though they have not disclosed any names for privacy reasons.

Harvey Weinstein’s recent trial was highly publicized, lasted for four weeks and featured numerous witnesses. He was ultimately found guilty of sexual assault, then immediately rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. From there, he took a detour for processing to Riker’s Island. Between prison officials and inmates, 38 people have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus in New York City prisons.

Harvey Weinstein was once considered one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, at least when it came to awards season type movies. He had a hand in launching numerous careers and won more than his share of awards. He also picked up producing credits on more than 300 projects including Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare In Love. Rumors of alleged tyrannical behavior and womanizing followed him around, but it wasn’t until the #MeToo movement that actresses and other women working in Hollywood began speaking up in unison. He was eventually kicked out of the Academy, which votes on the Oscars, and later prosecuted for rape and sexual assault.

At 68 years old and with a failed recent back surgery under his belt, he wasn’t in particularly good health prior to his alleged COVID-19 diagnosis. Right now, Weinstein has reportedly been moved to isolation to keep him from infecting other inmates. As of right now, it’s unclear whether he’s showing any symptoms or even why exactly he was tested. If he is coronavirus positive, we’ll likely hear some kind of statement from his publicist in the coming days, but until then, there’s not going to be a lot of verified information out there. The Department of Corrections won’t comment on the record, and the flow of information in and out of prison is always sketchy.

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently ripping across large segments of the world. Much of the United States is under quarantine, and stories of new celebrities testing positive are coming on what feels like a daily basis. Some, like Tom Hanks, are providing regular updates, and some are fighting quietly. We’ll keep you updated if/ when more information becomes available on Weinstein.

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