Angelina Jolie Says We Need To 'Love' And 'Support' During Coronavirus Crisis

Angelina Jolie in Changeling (2008)

The world is still experiencing a new status quo due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet many have taken it upon themselves to spread positivity and information in the midst of this tough situation. This includes a number of celebrities like Tom Hanks and Idris Elba. Now, Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie is speaking up about COVID-19, and she has some thoughts on how the public can best help each other through this period.

Like many others, Angelina Jolie can see the how the virus is affecting the public -- both physically and mentally. With this, Jolie suggests that people make it a goal to love and support one another:

I think it’s so important that people hear that. To love each other, check in with each other, be there. Be a support group. Keep your eyes open, whether you’re a teacher, friend, whatever it is.

Angelina Jolie discussed quite a few COVID-related topics in her recent editorial for Time, including her belief that protecting children must be a priority. She acknowledged that they’re not as vulnerable to the disease as others but says they can still feel its impact:

Of the many ways that the pandemic is making us rethink our humanity, none is more important, or urgent, than the overall protection of children. They may not be as susceptible to the virus as other groups, but they are especially vulnerable to so many of the secondary impacts of the pandemic on society.

What appears to be Jolie’s biggest hope is that people don’t choose to remain idle during this pandemic. She asks that they get involved, particularly when it comes to what happens behind closed and quarantined doors:

I do hope people hear this and that they pay more attention and that they don’t, they’re not sitting in a moment like, ‘Maybe, but it’s not my business.’ They really, because those kids aren’t going to school right now and people can’t see the bruises and maybe don’t, aren’t identifying what’s happening within some homes.

It's clear to see Angelina Jolie has some honest feelings about our current circumstances, with the safety of youths being her primary focus. Jolie has never been quiet when it comes to her support for children. For years, she’s been at the forefront of causes like improving children’s education and aiding child immigrants. She’s even funded boarding schools for young women in different parts of the world.

One can assume that her desire to help kids has, at least, partially stemmed from the fact that she has six of her own. She’s been very candid about how close she is with them and how she enjoys planning activities.

Her kids have even helped shape parts of her career. Jolie was initially hesitant to take on the lead role in 2008’s Changeling due to the delicate subject matter. More recently, they’ve also helped her prep for Marvel’s The Eternals.

All in all, Angelina Jolie’s comments are sure to resonate with plenty of people, especially those who are parents to small children. Keep it here at CinemaBlend for more news related to film and TV.

Erik Swann
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