Amazing Spider-Man 2's Dane DeHaan Hints At Where His Green Goblin Would Have Shown Up Next

Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Sony’s Marvel universe finally got off the ground in 2018 with Venom, but the studio had initially intended to launch a shared continuity filled with Spider-Man-related characters much earlier. The original plan was to use the Amazing Spider-Man movies as a launching pad for such an expanded franchise, with Sinister Six being one of the planned movies.

Given the way The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended, it was expected that Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn, who transformed into the monstrous Green Goblin, would be among this supervillain team’s members. Sure enough, DeHaan has now confirmed that Green Goblin would have appeared in the Sinister Six movie. When recently asked if he knew any of the specifics of where Harry’s arc would have taken him, DeHaan responded:

Not necessarily. I think it’s pretty obvious they were all setting up for like a Sinister Six kind of situation and there was certainly talk of doing all that before all the Disney, Marvel stuff happened. But I can’t tell you I know specifically what it was gonna be. I just know that there definitely would have been a Sinister Six element to it. And, you know, at least the Goblin, if not Harry Osborn would have been involved.

In case you need a refresher on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn turned into the Green Goblin when he injected himself with one of the venom samples from OsCorp’s genetically-altered spiders, the same kind that gave Peter Parker his special abilities. Harry did this in an attempt to cure his hereditary illness, but his physiology is instead horribly mutated, and he then steals an OsCorp battle suit and glider to exact vengeance on Peter. Although Green Goblin is ultimately defeated and incarcerated in the Ravencroft Institute, their battle resulted in Gwen Stacy’s death.

Dane DeHaan commented on what little he knew about what was in store for his version of Green Goblin from that point forward during his conversation with Collider. While Sinister Six never got far enough along for the actor to learn what exactly the next chapter of Harry Osborn’s story would be, it makes sense that Harry would have appeared in the project since he’s the one who tasked Gustav Fiers to recruit a small team of supervillains who would make use of other specialized equipment hidden within OsCorp.

In addition to Sinister Six, Sony’s original incarnation of a shared Marvel universe would have included more Amazing Spider-Man sequels and a Venom movie. Alas, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended up underperforming, so the expansion was scrapped. So although Rhino was freed from prison and characters like Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter were teased at the end of the sequel, we’ll never see Green Goblin wreak havoc with whomever else would have comprised this team dedicated to bringing down Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man.

However, that’s not to say a different Sinister Six movie couldn’t happen someday. It’s among the many movies that Sony’s fully-realized Marvel universe has in development, and now that the Morbius trailer has indicated that this continuity and the MCU are one and the same, there’s a good chance that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could finally battle this group of adversaries on the big screen someday.

As for Dane DeHaan, following The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he’s starred in movies like Life and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. You can currently see him in the Quibi series The Stranger.

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