What The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Was Going To Be About


Marc Webb's two Amazing Spider-Man movies are always going to feel like unfinished business. When last we left his wall-crawler (played by Andrew Garfield), he was stepping past his grief at the loss of his true love and preparing to battle The Rhino (Paul Giamatti). But the seeds were being laid for a Sinister Six movie, which would team up a gaggle of great Spidey villains, and Webb now admits that the Six -- as well as a familiar Goblin -- would have filled the screen in his Amazing Spider-Man 3. The director confirms:

Yeah, we were talking about the Sinister Six. They were going to make a Sinister Six movie before we did the third one. But I wanted... Chris Cooper was going to come back and play the Goblin. We were going to freeze his head, and then he was going to be brought back to life. And then there was that character called The Gentleman. We had some notions about how to do it, but I think maybe we were thinking too far ahead when we started building in those things. But it was a fun exercise. I look back very fondly on those days.

Marc Webb is busy promoting his new movie, The Only Living Boy in New York, but he stopped to speak with Den of Geek about his time behind the cameras on the Spider-Man universe that eventually led to Sony and Marvel pairing up on Spider-Man: Homecoming. In the conversation, Webb says that Chris Cooper's Norman Osborn was going to lead the Sinister Six -- which would have been introduced in a separate movie -- against Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). And in deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we would have seen Cooper's severed head being cryogenically frozen. How one comes back from having their head removed is beyond me, but, you know, comic-book science!

Chris Cooper in Amazing Spider-Man 2

But it wasn't meant to be. The Amazing Spider-Man movies made some money, but not enough, and Sony eventually relented by agreeing to share the rights to the hero with Marvel. The studios collaborated on this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming, weaving Peter Parker (Tom Holland) into the MCU and pitting him against The Vulture (Michael Keaton). And while the movie is well-received, it's making about the same amount as the Amazing Spider-Man movies. What does that tell us? No clue.

Spider-Man will next be seen fighting alongside the Avengers in 2018's Avengers: Infinity War. Then, Tom Holland will headline another solo adventure that's supposed to follow up the destruction of Infinity War. The Sinister Six, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found.

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