As You Wished, Disney+ Is Adding The Princess Bride And Soon

Robin Wright and Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride (1987)

With people still hunkering down in their homes, streaming services are making it a priority to provide top-notch content to keep them occupied, as they remain indoors. Disney+ has been at the forefront of this, having added a number of new titles in recent weeks. One film that’s been notably absent from the service’s library since launch is The Princess Bride, which was, at one point, available to watch on Netflix. Well, it appears Disney+ is finally bringing the classic film into the fold, and viewers aren’t going to have to wait long for it to arrive.

Disney+ has announced that The Princess Bride will be available to stream starting on May 1, and the streaming giant found the best way to announce it. The service released a video on Twitter featuring Princess Bride stars Robin Wright and Cary Elwes. In addition to revealing the news, the two also bantered about the potential perks they can now receive due to the film’s release. Check out the sweet and funny clip for yourself:

The Princess Bride is a long overdue addition to Disney+, and it’s nice to see the film finally join other fan-favorites. As mentioned, several high-profile projects have been released on the service, such as Frozen II and Onward. Like those two movies, The Princess Bride gives viewers a more fantastical viewing option, yet it also provides a nice jolt of nostalgia.

But the best part of this development has to be the mini reunion between Robin Wright and Cary Elwes. Even though it’s been over 30 years since they worked on the Rob Reiner-directed fantasy, the two appear to be closer than ever, and their celebrated chemistry is still intact.

In the years following its release, some have criticized certain elements of The Princes Bride, while others tend find it to be slightly overrated. Despite the critiques, plenty of people still hold a soft spot for it. This includes NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who once enjoyed annoying his teammates in the locker room by constantly quoting the movie.

The Princess Bride’s enduring popularity has recently led to conversations of a possible remake, per Sony CEO Tony Vinciquerra. This led to an outcry from fans, who argued that an update of the original would be unnecessary. These sentiments were echoed by the original cast.

For the past few years, Cary Elwes was particularly vocal about not wanting a remake. Following Vinciquerra’s comments, he reiterated that there’s no use in reimagining a film as perfect as The Princess Bride.

We can’t say for sure if or when a remake of The Princess Bride will actually happen, as there haven’t been any real updates since that announcement. Regardless, fans will always be able to look to the original and, now that it’s coming to Disney+, doing so just became that much easier.

Erik Swann
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