Zack Snyder’s Fans Flood HBO Max’s Release-Date Tweet With Calls For The Snyder Cut

Justice League

It’s one thing to scream “Release the Snyder Cut” every time Warner Bros. makes an announcement. It keeps Zack Snyder’s unreleased movie on the radars of the studio’s decision makers, and frequently trends on social media. But it’s another thing to have an idea WHERE you would like the Snyder Cut of Justice League to show up. Movie theaters aren’t really an option, as the current closure is creating a logjam of blockbusters who need to get screen time. So the obvious answer appears to be HBO Max.

The new streaming service is getting fans excited for its May 27 launch date. Their teaser trailer was a nice mix of HBO programs (Watchmen, Game of Thrones, Westworld) and Warner Bros. partnership content.

And in the replies? A flood of requests for HBO Max to add Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

That really is the biggest reason why HBO Max should consider working out a deal to get the full cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on the streaming service. Each competing network, from Netflix to Disney+, needs exclusive content to offer subscribers to get them to pony up extra cash. Adding the Snyder Cut to HBO Max would essentially get thousands of consumers to sign up JUST for that one movie. Win.

That’s a lovely tribute to Cyborg and actor Ray Fisher, who was shortchanged by the horrible theatrical cut of Justice League. And here’s an effective meme asking that the service carry the long-awaited film.

If I know anything about the Snyder Cut family (and I do, as I’m literally writing the book about them), it’s that they are relentless. They will swirl around every single post on the HBO Max social media account until they have made their point.

Will HBO Max ever carry Zack Snyder’s Justice League? As of now, we do not know. Snyder, himself, has expressed a desire to complete some additional photography for the cut, and gave away a trip to the “set” for a recent poster contest winner if and when he was ready and able to complete his scenes. But production worldwide has been delayed, and that could be holding the Snyder Cut up.

For now, HBO Max has made its announcement. Now it’s time for Zack Snyder to counter. Give fans an indication of how much longer this war must be waged. Because the troops have your back, and will until the bitter end. But it’d be so much cooler if that happened sooner rather than later.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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