Harry Potter Fan Camila Cabello Let Her Mom Cut Her Hair After Saying She Looks Like Snape

camila cabello when her bangs still looked good

Camila Cabello was just on camera the other day performing with Shawn Mendes for the One World Together At Home concert on network TV. I didn’t notice her bangs being too long, but they were kind of swept to the side for the event and Cabello says they’ve gotten so bad they make here “look like Snape.” Yes, the greasy-haired fan-favorite from the Harry Potter franchise.

So this is what it’s come to, the bangs are too long, I can’t go outside. I’m going to have to trust this woman… I mean right now I look like Snape.

No shots at Alan Rickman there, but while Professor Snape may have one of the most satisfying arcs in the Harry Potter movies, he’s certainly not known for having the best haircut or most fashionable look. Weird side bangs is obviously not the look Camila Cabello is going for -- or was before hair salons closed -- so she made a tough decision: She ultimately let her own mother cut her bangs. That some real pressure on her mother, who is probably the unsung hero of this story, just like Snape was in J.K. Rowling's stories.

It should be noted that Camila Cabello is not the first celebrity to embark on this sort of haircutting adventure. She joins the likes of Carson Daly and more, because for whatever the reason there is something highly watchable about celebrities trusting their loved ones with their hair. It’s engrossing, it’s harrowing, it’s usually a disaster. Right now it's basically a national pastime. Take a look.

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This time around, she’s just messing with the bangs, so things could obviously be worse for Camila Cabello… and her mother too, given how much pressure is involved with haircuts as well as hair coloring these days. For everyone reading at home, please remember though: bangs are a choice!

Regardless, when it was finally all over, the bangs trim ended up being fine enough, although Cabello kept nit-picking at her mom's horizontal cuts. The good thing? Camila Cabello no longer resembles the well-known Harry Potter character and his awkward long side bangs. I do kind of see her point initially though.

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Ultimately, there are worse things than Camila Cabello likening herself to a famous Harry Potter character. As for Alan Rickman, may he rest in peace, the actor probably knew Snape's haircut wasn't the most attractive, and intentionally. So, all's well that ends with a bangs trim and some love for your Momma.

Meanwhile, I did mention there have been some wild celebrity looks recently. If you haven't checked out Carson Daley or Armie Hammer yet, I definitely suggest that be your next task. What else do you have going on?

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