Epic Deadpool 2 Set Video Features Josh Brolin’s Exhausting Action As Cable

Cable in Deadpool 2

Over the past decade of filmmaking, superhero movies have come to dominate at the box office. As such, plenty of studios have their own cinematic universe, leading to a ton of comic book adaptations hitting theaters. But certain projects have the ability to stand out among the rest for their innovation. The original Deadpool did just that, proving that R-rated superhero movies could make a ton of money, and broke expectations for the genre with its fourth-wall breaking antics. Deadpool 2 expanded the franchise and welcomed Josh Brolin's Cable, and he recently shared a rehearsal video from his action sequences. And it's pretty hardcore.

Cable is a futuristic badass from the X-Men comics, so fans were eager to se how he'd be translated into live-action for Deadpool 2. Josh Brolin pivoted from Thanos to Cable with ease, and his futuristic character was hardened and deadly. The franchise stepped up its action for the sequel, and Cable was no exception. Check out the video below, showing how hard Josh Brolin had to work in order to make the sequence as successful was it was.

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That's hardcore. Josh Brolin can swing, shoot, and roll with the best of them, which is part of what made Cable's physical presence so palpable in Deadpool 2. There's a reason the 52 year-old actor was hired to play two powerful comic book characters.

The above video comes to us from Josh Brolin's personal Instagram page. The actor often uses social media to communicate with his many fans, especially those who are invested in his superheroic roles. Brolin is just one actor who has brought roles from the page to the screen, and it seems his tenure as Cable is only just beginning.

The video shows Josh Brolin rehearsing one particular fight sequence from Deadpool 2. He starts off with Cable's massive futuristic blaster, using it as both a projectile and blunt object. Eventually he's disarmed, with Brolin pulling off a somersault mid-combat. He continues to roll around with the stunt performer, all in one continued shot.

While the filming and editing of Deadpool 2 helped to amp up this scene, the rehearsal itself was thrilling to watch. This practice round featured the actors on set, before elements like costuming, lighting, and cameras were added. Although Josh Brolin is rocking his sweet Cable hairdo in the clip.

This is just one of Josh Brolin's many action sequences throughout Deadpool 2's 119-minute runtime. Cable is kicking ass and taking names consistently throughout the project, battling foes in the future and present. He also goes one-on-one with the title character, and participates in the final fight with Juggernaut.

It should be interesting to see what comes next for Cable and the Deadpool franchise. Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its properties, the House of Mouse now has control over Wade Wilson's future in theaters. It's unclear if the Merc with the Mouth will ever be able to crossover with the MCU proper, although its a concept fans would love.

The next installment in the MCU is Black Widow on November 6th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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