Would Rachel McAdams Do Mean Girls 2? Here’s What She Said

Rachel McAdams as Regina George in Mean Girls
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If there’s one high school movie that defined the early ‘00s, it was Mean Girls. The comedy written by Tina Fey introduced a ton of phrases into the mainstream such as “grool” or “you go, Glen Coco” – but not “fetch,” that never seemed to catch on. And there are few characters more well known than Regina George. Rachel McAdams took on this iconic role at the very beginning of her career too.

Sixteen years and almost 40 roles since Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams considered revisiting Regina George when she was asked which character she’d like to go back to. In her words:

It would be fun to play Regina George later in her life and see where life took her!

During an appearance on Canada’s London Health Science Foundation Heroes Of Health Stream-A-Thon, Rachel McAdams showed some interest in playing Regina George again to explore the high school queen’s life long after high school. George would be in her 30s now and doing what? Seriously though, we’re really curious. Where do the kids that peak in high school go?

When she was asked if serious discussions about a Mean Girls sequel had ever been in talks, Rachel McAdams said it’d only been joked about. Per an interview with Lindsay Lohan last year, the movie’s Cady Heron has been trying to get The Plastics back together for years. She’s “said it so many times,” even approaching producer Lorne Michaels about it before. Mean Girls was also homaged by pop star Ariana Grande in her “thank u, next” music video back in 2018.

It seems like the setup could be as simple as the cast coming together for a high school reunion when more Burn Book shenanigans take place. And it might be interesting to examine how one’s world changes after high school. Seeing what Rachel McAdams’ Regina George and her “cool mom” played by Amy Poehler are up to almost 20 years later would bring in droves of fans no doubt as well.

Mean Girls is technically getting a remake from Tina Fey in the form of an adaptation of the hit Broadway musical that has remained successful on the stage since 2017. It was announced back in January that Fey would be writing the third version of her incredibly successful script, this time with some song-and-dance involved. Maybe Rachel McAdams could find a role there, or at least cameo?

The 2004 movie, alongside The Notebook the very same year, was a huge moment for Rachel McAdams that put her on the map as an actress. She has since starred in a ton of movies, such as Sherlock Holmes, Midnight In Paris, About Time, Best Picture winner Spotlight and as Dr. Christine Palmer in Doctor Strange.

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