Apparently Elijah Wood Is Playing Animal Crossing With Fans

Come To Daddy Elijah Wood takes a phone call

It feels like everyone is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons in lockdown; at least that’s what the recent buzz on the internet would have us believe. This belief is especially easy to buy into after hearing that former Hobbit turned horror producer Elijah Wood interacted with a fellow Animal Crossing player, in the name of the almighty Turnip.

If the Twitter interaction below is to be believed, then Wood actually asked for someone’s Dodo Code, in order to visit their island and sell his Turnips at a favorable rate.

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A quick primer on the economy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons: there’s a concept of the Stalk Market, where every Sunday players can buy Turnips from a traveling vendor. Much like the actual financial market it’s based itself on, those Turnips fluctuate in price day by day, and island by island. So with a combination of biding your time, and finding the right exchange rate on another island.

Using his shrewd acumen that’s helped him star in films like Come To Daddy, as well as having ideas as a film producer for the right Nightmare On Elm Street reboot, Elijah Wood randomly connected with a fellow player and made someone’s day by cashing out his Turnips.

There must be something about horror types and video games, as back when Destiny 2 premiered, legendary director/Halloween creator John Carpenter was revealed to be a big fan of the Bungie produced game. So it’s not all that surprising that Wood would be trading Turnips on the Stalk Market, and making friends while he’s making a killing.

Although, Elijah Wood’s connection to video games runs a bit deeper than just playing the most recent trend in gaming. In the past, Wood has lent his voice to video games like The Legend of Spyro trilogy and God of War III; as well as reprising his role as Frodo Baggins in several Lord of the Rings themed games.

Cap that off with his stint as the protagonist of Tron: Uprising, as well as the fact that he hosted MTV’s “Xbox 360: Next Generation Revealed” special, and it’s pretty on brand for Wood to be as into gaming as he is.

Of course, by now, word has probably gotten out that Elijah Wood’s Animal Crossing avatar, Elwood from the island of Driftwood, is out there looking for a good deal. And people are undoubtedly going to try and entice Wood to try and fly over to their island. So make sure to trade your friend codes responsibly, and keep that Nintendo Switch charged at all times. You never know when the Elwood from Driftwood is going to come a knocking.

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