Epic Avengers: Endgame Fan Art Imagines Scarlet Witch Vs. Captain Marvel After Online Debate About Who Is More Powerful

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel (2019)

There are plenty of formidable superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only within the last five years has the franchise truly begun to add characters with nearly limitless power. Doctor Strange is a master of mysticism and has opened the door to multiple dimensions, while the Eternals are sure to expand the power base of the MCU. But as it currently stands, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) are arguably the shared universe’s most powerful beings. With this, fans are wondering who’d win in a one-on-one battle.

Fans may not actually get to see such a dual take place on the big screen, but graphic artist BossLogic has you covered. The internet artist recently released a new piece of artwork that shows Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch locked in combat. Check the epic piece of work for yourself:

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The image beautifully captures what it would look like if Maximoff and Danvers were to come to blows. On top of that, BossLogic doesn’t take a side in the debate, as he shows draws them as being pretty evenly matched.

Captain Marvel was touted as one of the MCU’s most powerful beings long before she debuted in her solo outing. That film did an effective job of breaking down her abilities and giving fans a taste of what she’s capable of. Ironically, it was her sheer amount of power that kept her from playing a bigger role in Avengers: Endgame. But when she did get the chance to join in on the action, she did so in a major way. It’s hard to forget the sight of her smashing through one of Thanos’ warships.

Despite this, Scarlet Witch has shown to be a formidable figure in her own right. The first real sign of her true strength came during the third act of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Following the death of her brother, Pietro, she reduced hoards of Ultron’s drones to ash.

Her powers would only grow in later appearances and would be on full display in both Infinity War and Endgame. Of course, most people’s minds go right to the final battle of the latter, during which she almost singlehandedly killed Thanos. Had the Mad Titan not called an air strike, she likely would’ve finished the job.

When weighing the abilities of both superheroines, there’s really no clear way to determine who’s the stronger of the two. Some may be tempted to say Wanda, but you can never truly count out Carol Danvers.

Regardless of who’s stronger, it’s just great to have both of these characters fighting side by side on the big screen. And for their sakes, let’s hope there’s never a situation where they never have to cross each other, even if it would be a sight to behold.

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