Chris Hemsworth Drops Fun New Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Extraction

Chris Hemsworth sweaty from fighting in Netflix's Extraction

When I think of Netflix’s Extraction the first adjective that comes to mind is certainly not “fun.” However, when I think of adjectives related to Chris Hemsworth sharing behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the Sam Hargrave film, “fun” is exactly the right word to throw into the mix.

From a triumphant look at Chris Hemsworth playing Tyler Rake to more intimate shots where Sam Hargrave is giving Hemsworth specific direction for scenes, the images give us a glimpse at how action movies are made on the ground. They come courtesy of photographer Jasin Boland and the actor, and you can see more below.

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In fact, if you’ve seen Netflix’s Extraction already, these should seem pretty familiar to you as they give us a closer look at some of the major scenes from the Netflix film.

Chris Hemsworth is generally good for a social media share or two, but he’s seemed particularly proud of the success of Extraction, celebrating the fact the movie was #1 on Netflix for a time and more. It’s no wonder. Not only did the film give him the opportunity to try some more major action sequences, it also gave him what could be another giant franchise outside of his work playing Thor for Marvel.

Speaking of the possibility for a franchise, those involved, including the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Sam Hargrave and the Russo brothers – who produced the film – have spoken up about the movie’s ending and possibly leaving things open for a sequel. So, yes, that ending was on purpose to potentially generate more down the line.

Meanwhile, Jasin Boland himself has been teasing some fun images from the set of the movie for months. I particularly enjoyed this one of Sam Hargrave seemingly joshing around with Chris Hemsworth, which ties into some of the photos Hemsworth himself shared.

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Another Jasin Boland shared gave us a glimpse at an underwater shot in the film.

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Netflix has a lot of projects that are waiting for the green light in regards to getting another season or sequel right now, but among recently release Extraction was certainly a higher profile release. It’s no wonder that shortly after the movie hit the subscription streamer, talks started being undergone and reportedly there’s already a deal that has been struck for Extraction 2, though that’s still in its early stages.

So, if you enjoyed it, hopefully we’ll have some additional news to report down the pipeline soon. Either way, there’s a good chance there will be some more cool photos coming our way.

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