Zack Snyder To Host A Man Of Steel Watch Party, Find Out Where And When

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Several weeks ago, Zack Snyder hosted an “intimate” screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on his Vero account. It was a massive hit. The director essentially did a commentary track for his DC comic book superhero team up, and fans hung on every word. He must have really enjoyed it, because Snyder just revealed that he’s going to do it again… and soon.

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Instead of Batman v Superman, Zack Snyder will be hosting a Watch Party for his Superman origin story, Man of Steel, which kicked off his excursion into the DCEU. And as you can see by the above Tweet, he’s doing it this week. Wednesday, May 20, to be specific. And if you are on the West Coast (as Snyder is), get ready to wake up early, and have breakfast with Kal-El (Henry Cavill).

The last time, on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder talked his way through the production, often showing off sketches that he had for major sequences, or describing the motivations of himself and screenwriter Chris Terrio. Sometimes, he’d tease a little bit about where the story was supposed to go in his Justice League, which we know has yet to come out. And he damn near broke the Internet when he ended the Vero stream with this:

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Killer. My heart still stops when he does that, for fear that my Wifi is dropping out just as he’s about to announce the release of his Snyder Cut.

OK, tinfoil hat time. Why is Zack Snyder staging a Man of Steel screening this week? Why is he giving fans two days to prepare for it? Could it have anything to do with the announcement of all of the new movies that are coming to HBO Max on May 27? Could it also be tied, somehow, to the HBO Max launch, with a possible reveal that the streaming service will become a destination for the Snyder Cut of Justice League?

That is all pure speculation. The timing of it certainly strikes us as coincidental. The anniversary of Man of Steel would be in June, so a Watch Party makes more sense then. But Snyder seems eager to hold this ASAP, and he even told fans to submit questions, and he’ll answer a few after the screening.

What would you like to ask him?

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