Wolverine And 9 Other Mutants Who Could Have A Huge Impact On The MCU

Wolverine Marvel

The X-Men are coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though we still have little idea regarding which heroes will appear or how Marvel Studios will make this happen. Will we get all new versions of the heroes we've previously seen on screen across the board, or will they be a mixture of past and present? What about new mutants; will they be the future of the franchise?

I don't have the answers, but I do have a list of characters I think could impact the MCU in major and positive ways; some simply by their presence, others by how their arrival could impact or influence the lives of other characters within the superhero franchise. And then there are some I just felt were done dirty by the past couple decades of representation, so let's run down all of that and hope these heroes make it into the MCU.

Wolverine Marvel


Fans know and love him, and they'll probably start a small riot the minute someone other than Hugh Jackman portrays him. Regardless it's hard to imagine the MCU introducing the mutants without Wolverine, and it will be quite the treat to see how he's handled under Marvel Studios. Honestly, I'm not sure whoever takes the role needs to do much more than what Jackman did, though I would like to see the old yellow and black costume make an appearance.

Iceman Marvel


Bobby Drake is one of the most powerful mutants the X-Men mythos has to offer, though you wouldn't know it from the character's outings in the movies. Iceman deserves to be shown as the massive force of nature that he is, and not the reverse Human Torch he came off as in the Fox movies. My hope is that Marvel Studios will show the more creative things Iceman can do with his powers like exponentially increasing his size by pulling moisture from the air.

Magneto X-Men


When it comes to complex villains of the Marvel Universe, it rarely gets better than Magneto. A mutant shaped by his experience in the Holocaust, Magneto came out on the other side of it never wishing to see his kind face mass persecution again. He fights for mutants, but many of his actions are detrimental to humans. I fear the MCU got ahold of the character a little too late to reasonably portray the Holocaust as part of his story, but perhaps those in charge can figure it out with their creative minds to keep his story and motivations as complex as they've been throughout the years.

Kitty Pryde X-Men

Kitty Pryde

With so much of the past two decades of X-Men movies featuring Charles Xavier at the head of the X-Men, perhaps it's time for a change of leadership. If that's the case, who better to bring in as a new leader for the X-Men than Kitty Pryde? Pryde has a long history as leader of the X-Men in Marvel Comics, and with all due respect to Xavier, is more of a hands on leader that would better lend herself to the action of the MCU.

Deadpool Marvel


There's no denying that Deadpool would majorly shake up the MCU, so much so that fans are still wondering how Marvel would introduce the R-rated Merc with the Mouth into its world. The MCU can be risqué and action-packed, but it's rarely vulgar and gruesome. Still, just because it may be hard to pull off doesn't mean Marvel Studios should balk at the opportunity to incorporate him. There are plenty of fans who want to see Ryan Reynolds' hero interact with the heroes of the MCU, and they'll certainly pack a theater to see how it'll play out.

Psylocke Marvel


Another X-Men that was done dirty by the Fox movies, Psylocke is a relatively popular mutant who never truly got her comeuppance. The MCU could use Psylocke as a means of introducing more foreign heroes into the universe, as she's the sister to one of Europe's greatest heroes, Captain Britain. Plus, her mastery of telekinetic weaponry would be a nice change of pace to the usual telekinetic abilities X-Men has highlighted way too much via Jean Grey. I'm not saying we need to forget about Jean Grey, but I will absolutely not sit through another adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga, even in the MCU.

Storm Marvel


We all know what Storm is about and why bringing her character into a leading role in 2020, where effects are bigger and better, would be advantageous for the MCU. Another interesting point worth noting is that in Marvel Comics, she was once the wife of T'Challa, a.k.a. Black Panther. The two have since split, but I would love to see a romance between the two develop within the MCU. A movie featuring the two sounds like an absolute blast, and maybe the perfect story for a future Black Panther movie to tackle.

Gambit Marvel


The world has been teased for years about the release of a Gambit movie, but sadly, it's reached a point where it seems unlikely Channing Tatum would fit the role. The good news is there's still a chance the character could get a fresh start in the MCU, and hopefully with a young actor who has the talent to turn him into a hero worthy of solo adventures that would make him the Wolverine of sorts for a new generation. I know, I can't really envision it either, but I think that's more because I'm used to projects surrounding this hero disappointing.

Bishop Marvel


If you're looking for the ultimate character to tease major events in the MCU, Bishop is the man. Traditionally the character travels back in time to meet with the X-Men and potentially alter the events of the future, which are almost always post-apocalyptic. Therefore, his actions are always more dictated by what can change his time, which may sometimes be initiating events that sound evil in the present. For example, Bishop once tried to kill Kitty Pryde and Cable once, even though all three are generally seen as heroes. Bringing a character in like this could add a level of tension to the MCU I could really get behind.

Frankllin Richards Marvel

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the son of The Fantastic Four's Reed and Sue Richards, and one of the most powerful mutants in existence. His power literally rivals that of the Celestials, many of whom are viewed as gods in the MCU. With The Fantastic Four, a guaranteed entry into the MCU, I'd love to see if Marvel Studios will try to touch the character of Franklin Richards with a 10 foot pole. Something tells me he's just a little too powerful, but I hope I'm wrong.

Are there any other mutants worthy of entry into the MCU to shake things up? List them down in the comments below and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest happening in movies and television.

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