Kevin Hart Reveals The ‘Biggest Cry’ He Had After Harrowing Car Accident

Kevin Hart in Night School

Last September, comedian and actor Kevin Hart suffered major injuries from a car accident, which forced him to undergo back surgery and work through months of rehabilitation. Flash forward to now, Hart is doing much better and has returned to work, but he recently recalled how in the immediate aftermath of this horrific experience, he cried over how he might have not ever seen his family or home again.

Kevin Hart described his thought upon coming home from the hospital last fall thusly:

My biggest cry in life came from the first day that I came home from the hospital, because I never had to see that house again. Like there was an option of me never seeing that home again. There was an option of me never walking on that driveway again. There was an option of me never seeing my wife and my kids again.

Considering how harrowing this experience was, with Kevin Hart being the passenger in a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that rolled down an embankment, one can’t blame him for breaking down over the prospect that he could have died. Fortunately, Hart survived the crash, but as he noted while recently appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience, coming home to his familiar surroundings and loved ones was incredibly emotional. Had the car accident gone a little differently, he might not have been so lucky.

Kevin Hart eventually became well enough to do Jumanji: The Next Level press later in 2019 with Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan and and Jack Black. With Johnson and Hart having struck up a amusing dynamic with one another ever since co-starring in Central Intelligence, Johnson unsurprisingly made some good-natured jokes at Hart’s expense over a week after the car accident, and The Rock noted in February that what Hart went through was "sobering and enlightening," as coming that close to death can result in one "become newly informed on just how fragile life is."

It also turns out that working on the YouTube series What the Fit has played an important role in Kevin Hart’s recovery. Hart was already into fitness before the car accident, but he felt the show was a good place for him to not just show off that he was returning to normal, but also explore his changed outlook on life.

As far as professional endeavors go, Kevin Hart definitely looks to be settling back into a regular work groove. His first post-Jumanji: The Next Level movie, Fatherhood, sees him acing opposite folks like Alfre Woodard, Anthony Carrigan and Lil Rey Howery, and it will come out out on April 2, 2021.

Beyond that, Kevin Hart was set to re-team with Jason Statham (the two of them having previously appeared together in Hobbs & Shaw) on The Man from Toronto, but Statham ended up dropping out reportedly due to creative differences. So instead, Hart will co-star alongside Woody Harrelson, and The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco was also cast in the project last month.

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