Universal's Jason Bourne Attraction: See Julia Stiles' Return To The Franchise

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The theme park world is largely at a standstill, but one major resort, Universal Orlando, is up and running. And what's more, there's a brand new show for the guests making the trip to check out. The Bourne Stuntacular is a live stage stunt show that takes guests into the world of Jason Bourne with an all new story and a very old friend. Julia Stiles played Nicky Parsons in the Bourne film franchise, and she's back in the Bourne Stuntacular as the agent who briefs the guests on the mission they're about to see.

Universal Orlando Resort released a special sneak peek video into the new show ahead of its official opening, and as part of that we get to see Julia Stiles return in character, as well as get her thoughts on being back in Bourne and part of a major theme park attraction. Check it out.

Originally, I was told when I asked that the Bourne Stuntacular takes place outside of the continuity of the Jason Bourne film franchise, and it was this reason that Nicky Parsons appears in the show. However, since then, things were clarified and it turns out that actually the show is set after the events of the movie Jason Bourne, and that while Bourne believes Nicky is dead, that's apparently not the case.

Nicky Parsons isn't the only part of the Bourne franchise that is part of the new stunt show. Franchise producer Frank Marshall reveals later in the video that apparently some actual props from the films get used in the new show as well.

The video sings the praises of the new show and based on what we see, it's justified. The combination of practical sets and a large video screen create a nearly seamless environment and the screen allows for things like high speed car chases to be part of the show, which would seem to be utterly impossible on a stage, but look quite realistic here.

Also, it has to be said, well done on everybody for wearing their masks. Universal Orlando is requiring quests to wear face coverings in the park and so seeing everybody, including Universal Orlando's VP of Entertainment, doing the same thing in this video shows that the company isn't just paying lip service to this.

Also, everybody in the stage show is wearing a mask as well. And because it's Jason Bourne it works. Many other theme parks that have opened, or those that are planning to, are doing without live shows like this, at least in part because the cast would need to wear masks. Seeing Belle or Ariel on stage at Walt Disney World in a mask would certainly hurt the immersion of the experience. But Jason Bourne, or all the people he's fighting, might have legitimate reasons to want to protect their identities, so seeing them in masks doesn't hurt the story at all.

The Bourne Stuntacular is now open at Universal Studios Florida.

Dirk Libbey
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