Hulu’s Palm Springs Writer Clarifies The Movie’s Wild Final Shot

Andy Samberg smiling in Palm Springs

Massive spoilers ahead for Hulu's Palm Springs.

While theater have been closed for months, a variety of exciting projects have arrive on streaming services. Hulu has seen success with its most recent release, Max Barbakow's Palm Springs. The romantic comedy offered something unique for the genre, tackling high concepts like time loops and quantum physics. Plenty of Hulu subscribers streamed the movie during its first week, leading to a ton of conversation about its ending and wild final shot. And now writer Andy Siara has clarified the ending.

The third act of Palm Springs sees Cristin Milioti's Sarah fight for a way out of the time loop. Eventually Andy Samberg's Nyles joins her, as they set off an explosion within the cave. A trip to Myles' favorite empty house reveals they were successful, and the camera pans up to reveal dinosaurs in distance. We previously saw the dinos when the characters were on drugs earlier in the movie, and their resurgence left plenty of Hulu subscribers with some questions. Andy Siara recently addressed this unique final shot, saying:

I could say that you have two characters who don’t believe they are capable of love, and in that moment, maybe they fall in love. Dinosaurs don’t exist, but in that moment, they exist. It’s two things that are impossible. Or, I can also just say that I love Jurassic Park and I wanted to put that in there. It felt right in that moment. How do we make this scene stand out more–what better way than to add dinosaurs?

Well, that clears things up. It looks like the dinosaurs in Palm Springs' final cut was a metaphor about its two protagonists. It's one extra button for the audience, rather than messing up the multiverse and resurrecting dinosaurs into the world a la Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Plus, who doesn't want more dinosaur action?

Andy Siara's comments to Decider help clear up the ongoing conversation surrounding Palm Springs' wild ending. Following the explosion in the cave, audiences were left wondering whether or not Sarah and Nyles survived, and if they managed to end their Groundhog Day-esque nightmare. While the entrance of house's owners revealed that they were free from the loop, the unexpected inclusion of dinosaurs inspired some online debate.

Hearing the true meaning of the dinosaurs' appearance in Palm Springs' ending highlights what the romantic comedy is truly about. While director Max Barbakow is using some very high concepts in the movie, it's still about two people finding each other. Sarah and Nyles both have issues they have to work out before they can really show up for each other, and the ending is a happy one. Plus, it's got bonus dinosaurs.

Palm Springs arrived on Hulu last weekend, and broke records for the streaming service. It was also well received critically, and featured a strong cast. Joining Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are the great J.K. Simmons, Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Supergirl's Tyler Hoechlin. Simmons gives a particularly delightful performance, stealing any scene he's in.

You can stream Palm Springs now in Hulu. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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