Jimmy Fallon Explains Why He’s Not One Of Those Parents Who Poke Fun At Frozen’s Let It Go

Elsa in Frozen

It didn’t take long for the once-beloved song “Let It Go” from the animated Disney movie Frozen to become an annoyance to parents everywhere. At the sound of the tune, most parents cover their ears and head for the hills. But not Jimmy Fallon. Now that he’s a parent, he’s changed and doesn’t poke fun at the song anymore.

Jimmy Fallon recently hosted Vanilla Sky’s Cameron Diaz on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and they started talking about Cameron Diaz being a new mom and the life of being a new parent to young kids. Fallon admitted his kids just started listening to Disney music and that he used to make fun of that music. But he now has a different perspective. Here’s what the SNL alum said:

It’s Disney princess, it’s Idina Menzel all day long. And when that song came out at first we were making jokes and all this stuff. Like, ‘Oh, can we stop listening to this song? Let it go!’ It’s the best song in the world. To watch your kids sing the song and get into it and like close their eyes. It’s my favorite. I love it I’m so the opposite of where I was. It’s all changing.

Despite being roughly seven-years-old, “Let It Go” continues to reverberate in today’s social consciousness. People are still talking about it, Snoop Dogg is playing it in his car, and Game of Throne’s Maisie Williams is singing it in a Super Bowl ad. You can’t escape it. So maybe like Jimmy Fallon, it’s time to just embrace it?

Time heals all wounds. In this case, perhaps there’s been enough time for parents to relax and just enjoy watching their kids revel in the magic of Disney music. After all, many of those same parents probably did the same thing when they watched Beauty and the Beast when they were kids.

Because, no matter how you slice it, the “Let It Go” earworm has had a profound impact on kids and our culture, even if it has annoyed moms and dads everywhere. For her part, actress and singer Idina Menzel admits that even though it might be annoying to parents, she still appreciates the song for being a gift to her career.

Of course, both Frozen and Frozen II have incredible songs that aren’t “Let It Go.” So, if you’re one of those parents that still can’t stand the song, perhaps gently nudge the next song button on the playlist to a less-often played song. That might help save your sanity and you can still gush over your child as they dance and sing to the music. Or you can enjoy the ride and follow the song's advice like Jimmy Fallon. He let it go, and then he embraced the track.

Jason Ingolfsland