Ryan Reynolds Is Teaming Up With Into The Spider-Verse’s Lord And Miller For A Monster Comedy

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds hiding from a bank robbery in progress

Universal has been playing around with its fair share of monster-centric projects as of late, especially with various reimaginings of the Universal Monsters still in the works after the collapse of their failed Dark Universe. Now, a new project has surfaced on the Universal backlot, but this new monstrosity, entitled Everyday Parenting Tips, is very different from those more serious variants. Apparently Ryan Reynolds, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are all teaming up for a comedy involving parental guidance during a monster uprising; and there’s some more amazing talent joining them as well.

Deadline broke the news that Universal had pulled together this project, based on author Simon Rich’s New Yorker short story “Everyday Parenting Tips.” Rich, the writer behind the previous source material that gave FXX its comedy hit Man Seeking Woman, will be adapting the story into a screenplay, with Ryan Reynolds up for the starring role. And as a final key ingredient in this particular sundae, Paddington director Paul Kingwill be directing this film, which looks to retain the title of the short story source.

While Simon Rich’s previous work, including the TBS anthology series Miracle Workers, is a bit more mature in its tone, this new project looks like it’s going to be aimed squarely at family audiences. That definitely explains the hiring of Paul King for Everyday Parenting Tips, as his directorial hand has previously walked the line between gags that parents can enjoy and heartwarming antics that can captivate children’s imaginations.

This bevy of talent feels like a sign of something truly special, as producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller and star Ryan Reynolds are all familiar with striking a similar tone. With Lord and Miller tacking everything from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on their creative plate, and Reynolds running the gamut from Deadpool to Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and Free Guy in-between, it feels like Everyday Parenting Tips has a supergroup of talent in its service.

As any movie fan can tell you, a movie of such a pedigree as Everyday Parenting Tips is building for itself could conquer the box office upon its release. And the people gathered into this project’s portfolio could turn this wry and funny New Yorker short story into a new family hit that respects audiences, and humor, of all ages. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself crying as often as you’re laughing during this potential box office champ.

Everyday Parenting Tips doesn’t have a release date or start date just yet, but if you want to see more Phil Lord and Chris Miller produced family fun, you can see Connected, slated to release in theaters on October 23rd. Or, should you want to see some Ryan Reynolds flavored humor, Free Guy is set to press start in theaters on December 11th.

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