Wait, New Blumhouse Horror Movies Will Be Heading Straight To Streaming?

Welcome to the Blumhouse poster

We're all getting used to watching our movies on streaming services now with theaters closed, but one studio has just announced a major investment in streaming platforms. In an intriguing move, Blumhouse will be releasing a total of eight films on Amazon Video. Four of them will be released this October, with four more set to debut in 2021.

Under the title of Welcome to the Blumhouse, these eight films are being presented as a sort of horror anthology series, but of films. Each film is a unique story. There doesn't appear to be any sort of connective tissue between them beyond being Blumhouse horror productions, but if you're a horror fan, there's little more you could ask for than a bunch of new Blumhouse movies.

The Blumhouse productions will begin on October 6 with two films. The Lie will star Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mireille Enos and will focus on two parents attempting to cover up a murder committed by their daughter. On the same day, Black Box will tell the story of a single father undergoing an experimental treatment to deal with memory loss following a car accident that will have him questioning reality.

One week later on October 13, we'll get Evil Eye, which will be a feature adaptation of a project that was originally an audio production for Audible. It will follow a mother who believes her daughter's new boyfriend has a connection to her own past. Finally, Nocturne will deal with twin sisters competing in art school when one begins to outshine the other after discovering a mysterious notebook.

These four will make up half the films in the new Blumhouse/Amazon deal, the other four films have not been revealed but they will arrive sometime in 2021. And there's already a cool new poster for the projects.

Unlike so many movies that have made the jump to streaming following the closure of theaters, it seems clear these Blumhouse movies were always planned to be streaming projects. While they are films, they're actually projects of Blumhouse's television division, so these were never looking to be theatrical projects. It likely also means these movies had smaller budgets, but Blumhouse is known for producing quality horror without spending a lot of money, and so there's no reason to believe that fans of Blumhouse horror will be disappointed here.

Just because none of these movies were looking to hit theaters doesn't mean we won't see those names involved on the big screen in the future. There's a lot of young talent on both sides of the camera with all four of these films and if these movies see success on Amazon, I'd guess we would see them making the leap to larger projects. The other nice thing is that with the delay of other major Halloween movies this year, like the next Halloween, at least there will be some new horror to experience this October.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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