One Deadpool 2 Star Has An Idea For A Spinoff, And It Sounds Amazing

Lewis Tan as Shatterstar in Deadpool 2

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is on hold right now, but we know that one way or another, it will be back. The next couple of movies are basically done, and a host of DIsney+ series are close to completion as well. That doesn't mean there aren't a lot of questions about what the future of the MCU will hold for many characters. Chief among them, Deadpool. But until Marvel revealed its future plans for the Merc with a Mouth, one Deadpool 2 co-star has a great idea for a spinoff. Lewis Tan wants to take Shatterstar to Mojoworld.

Shatterstar at least in the universe of Deadpool 2, wasn't exactly the most popular character, but it's clear that Lewis Tan loved playing him, and he admits that he would love to make a spinoff movie that sees Shatterstar on his home planet of Mojoworld, and honestly, this idea for a movie sounds excellent. Tan explains...

When I signed on it was fairly hidden from me what was going to happen. Once I found out I was still excited. working with Ryan and Dave was such a good experience and I love the characters [of] both Deadpool and Shatterstar. Of course, now I fell in love with playing him and would love to do a spinoff where we can explore Mojoworld in a Mad Max meets Gladiator type of way, that would be a dream.

It seems that even the actors playing the X-Force characters in Deadpool 2 had little idea what was in store for them when they signed on. Still, even though Shatterstar exists for little more than an extended punchline, Lewis Tan tells ComicBookMovie that he loves the character and would be more than happy to revisit him.

Mojoworld is a media-obsessed world where the focus is on keeping the masses placated by giving them enough to watch. Shatterstar was born there to be a gladiator to fight in the arenas to entertain Mojoworld, and so a Gladiator meets Mad Max sort of story would be right in line with Shatterstar's comic history. Such a movie, if Lewis Tan is playing the same character from Deadpool 2 would, of course, have to be a prequel.

This movie would also likely have to include some Deadpool style comedy as well. It would be a little weird to make a Shatterstar movie completely straight considering where the character ends up and his more than a little ridiculous end.

A Shatterstar movie, as cool as this sounds, is probably one of the longer shots in the future MCU. At this point, we don't even know what's going on with Deadpool and one would assume that Disney is working hard on figuring that whole thing out, as Deadpool has been incredibly successful previously, but will likely have difficulty fitting into the existing PG-13 MCU.

Dirk Libbey
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