Amazon's Welcome To The Blumhouse Trailer Teases Four New Horror Flicks, And There Will Definitely Be Blood

Welcome to the Blumhouse a creepy girl with part of her skull missing

Blood is an important force of life, as it helps keep living things moving and grooving. It’s also something that, in the right execution, makes horror movies all the more gruesome and exciting to behold. Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse anthology understands that lesson rather well, as the trailer teasing four original horror films has what you gorehounds in the crowd want: blood, and quite a bit of it. Take a look, through your fingers or your own two eyes, at the horror on display, below:

Tales of the supernatural, personal vengeance, and good natured science gone horrifically wrong, all have a room of their own in the first half of Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse lineup. Black Box will satisfy that craving for sci-fi action with a horror tint, as a photographer (Uncorked’s Mamoudou Athie) tries to get over the tragic death of his wife. Meanwhile The Lie sees a pair of parents (Peter Sarsgaard and Hanna’s Mireille Enos) taking a different approach to death, by trying to cover up a murder committed by their own daughter (The Kissing Booth’s Joey King.)

Rounding out this initial lineup are tales of musical mayhem and vengeance like Nocturne, and a potentially sinister love connection in Evil Eye. And if you think that’s exciting, this is only the beginning. Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse event will roll out a total of eight films, all debuting on Prime Video, and presumably all through the month of October. While we’re only looking at the first four titles in this trailer, those films will be debuting as gruesome twosomes on a weekly basis.

Oh, and that promise of blood wasn’t a lie, as you can see a whole bunch of gory excitement in that trailer we just showed you. Blood washing off in the shower, a potentially fateful prink of the finger, and even a scary looking child that’s lost part of her head but kept her perfect, bloody smile are all in the mix with Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse. Which is totally on brand, considering that the house that producer Jason Blum built has been known to promise, and deliver, unique scares that could only come from the four walls that brought us The Purge and Insidious franchises, as well as this year’s hit reboot of Universal’s The Invisible Man.

No matter what this Halloween season brings, thanks to current events potentially keeping everyone inside for the witching hour, Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse is ready to welcome the world with open arms. Just make sure whatever you're wearing for that virtual hug isn't hard to clean. Welcome to the Blumhouse kicks off its open house of horror with Black Box and The Lie both dropping on October 6th. Nocturne and Evil Eye follow-up on the scares the week after, on October 13th.

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