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No Time To Die Gets A Sharp New Poster As It Preps For November Release

No Time To Die Daniel Craig walks in a sharp grey suit

2020 has been a challenging year, especially when it comes to the world of theatrical releases. This week the clouds seem to have started parting, with director Christopher Nolan’s Tenet opening theaters back up on a wider scale. But this November, James Bond fans are preparing to say goodbye to Daniel Craig, as his final 007 adventure No Time To Die is set to debut in front of eager crowds all over the world. And to celebrate, MGM and Universal have revealed a sharp new look at Craig’s famed super spy for all to feast their eyes on.

No Time To Die Daniel Craig in his tuxedo, gun drawn

It's a poster that could have practically come from the golden age of Bond. What you see above is Daniel Craig, striking a very classic danger prone pose, wearing what has come to be known as James Bond's official uniform for action: the tuxedo. Giving us a flash of his Omega Seamaster in the process, Bond is ready for action, and the gold toned logo for No Time To Die stands out beautifully from the black and white background, as well as the darkness of Craig's tuxedo. It's a return to form, on the brink of a film that could change everything we know about the franchise.

While there have been quite a few looks at not only Daniel Craig’s James Bond, but also the rest of the No Time To Die cast in previous posters, this latest look into the fifth Craig starring entry is pretty retro. Throughout most of the looks we’ve seen out of director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s espionage thriller, there’s been a more sort of tactical approach to 007’s wardrobe. We’ve even seen this fashion choice reflected in a lot of the footage that’s been shown in the various commercials and trailers for No Time To Die that have been shown to the world before its previous April release date.

But try as he might, James Bond can’t shake his iconic tuxedoed look, as a particularly tense looking sequence between Daniel Craig and co-star Ana de Armas looks to not only have Bond in his trademark outfit, but it looks like a hell of a night out. Which, naturally, leads to some gunfire, and the lives of many innocent bystanders at stake. Classic 007 adventure, with a look that matches the profile. It’s the sort of thing that makes you excited for the future that No Time To Die is promising for its potential fans.

You can bet there will be more of those promises coming down the pike, and sooner than you’d think too. Along with the announcement of this new poster being released into the world came the news that No Time To Die will be dropping a brand new trailer, scheduled to hit at some point this Thursday. Maybe the more traditional looking poster is hinting that this new, and potentially final look at the film’s content will run on some nostalgic energy, hyping James Bond fans for one last ride with Daniel Craig’s invigorating portrayal of Ian Fleming’s secret agent.

Nobody does it better, and Bond is ready to prove it once again when No Time To Die opens on November 12th in the UK, and in domestic theaters on November 20th. But you can be sure to catch the latest trailer for the film on CinemaBlend, as it makes its debut this Thursday.

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