One Thing Henry Cavill Was Much Better At Than Millie Bobbie Brown On The Set Of Netflix’s Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes

When Enola Holmes debuts on Netflix tomorrow, Henry Cavill will join a long list of esteemed actors who have played The Great Detective on film. While Sherlock Holmes is traditionally a very serious character who has little time for novelty, it seems that the set of Enola Holmes was anything but too serious. Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the title role in the new film, says there was a lot of laughing on set, so much so that she occasionally needed time to recover, whereas Cavill was always ready for the next take.

Alongside Millie Bobby Brown's Enola and Henry Cavill's Sherlock, the role of the third Holmes sibling, Mycroft, will be played by Sam Claflin. While Mycroft is traditionally portrayed as the most serious --and occasionally dull -- Holmes brother, Brown recently told GMA that he was actually quite funny on set, which led to a lot of laughter. Brown was apparently impressed by Henry Cavill's ability to transform from his laughing self to his serious character in an instant, while she sometimes needed to remove herself from the set to get ready for the next scene. Brown explains...

Oh my goodness, you know everyone was trying to keep set fun and light, especially because Mycroft is such a traditionalist. He’s very serious all the time. To have Sam Claflin on set, he’s a very funny person. It’s very hard to keep a straight face around him. Something that Henry Cavill is very good at doing is as soon as they say action, he’s very good to stop laughing and go right into it. Whereas I carry on the action and then have to take myself off the set. That’s how I remain 16, that’s how I know I’m still 16. I definitely crack up at every little thing that Sam does, especially his dance moves.

We've seen countless outtakes and gag reels from movies and television that mainly consist of the cast deciding that something was incredibly funny and then not being able to stop laughing about it once the camera starts rolling. It seems that Henry Cavill doesn't usually have this problem as Millie Bobby Brown found his ability to recover when somebody said 'action" quite impressive.

Millie Bobby Brown, however, admits this is an ability she lacks. She seems to have found everything Sam Claflin did to be funny, which would sometimes for her to remove herself in order to stop laughing, and then come back in to film the scene.

Luckily, Enola Holmes wasn't a serious drama and so having some fun would likely help the movie overall. Based on the trailer, everybody looks to be having a good time, and Henry Cavill seems to have a smile on his face through most of it, so he never had to get too serious.

Enola Holmes debuts on Netflix on September 23.

Dirk Libbey
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