New Wonder Woman 1984 Video Features Diana Prince Flying With Her Golden Wings

Wonder Woman 1984 Diana in Golden Eagle armor

Wonder Woman 1984 picks up 66 years after Diana Prince’s first solo movie, and while the world is much different compared to when Diana left Themyscira during World War I, one thing that hasn’t changed is her traditional costume, other than the colors popping a bit more. However, during the events of the upcoming sequel, Diana will eventually set aside her red, blue and yellow outfit and don armor known in the comics as the Golden Eagle.

While the past two Wonder Woman 1984 trailers have shown Diana Prince in this golden armor on the ground, now we finally have our first look at flying in it. Take a look at the heroine putting those golden wings to good use in the video below.

So far we’ve only seen Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince wearing her golden armor in one location, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone thinking it was some kind of military installation. Sure enough, this Japanese Wonder Woman 1984 trailer (shared by YouTuber Vanzekin) shows Diana flying onto this base and knocking out the soldiers shooting at her with those gigantic wings.

Unlike her comic book counterpart, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman doesn’t appear to be able to fly on her own, although she can certainly leap quite far and levitate for a brief period of time. So along with providing extra protection, the armor also allows her to take to the skies… you know, for those times when she’s not able to swing from lighting bolts on her lasso. Sadly, those wings aren’t long for this world, as we see Diana later shed them off her back.

The Golden Eagle made its comic book debut in the 1996 Elseworlds story Kingdom Come, and the armor was incorporated into the main DC Comics continuity not too long after, with Diana usually donning it during more war-like conflicts rather than your average superhero activities. Regarding how the armor was constructed for Wonder Woman 1984, costumer designer Lindy Hemming compared it to the Batsuit, as it’s all small parts and has an “armadillo-like articulation,” though it’s by no means comfortable to wear.

Judging by the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer that dropped last month during DC FanDome, it looks like Diana Prince will put this armor on during the movie’s third act when she faces off against her former friend, Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Ann Minerva, who has fully transformed into The Cheetah. However, since it sounds like Diana has stayed in man’s world ever since World War I ended, it’s unclear if this armor is from Themyscira and was somehow sent to her, or if she acquired it from another source.

In any case, along with battling The Cheetah, Wonder Woman 1984 will also see Diana Prince clashing with rogue businessman Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, and reuniting with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, who is somehow alive despite sacrificing himself in the first Wonder Woman movie. The sequel’s cast also includes Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen reprising Antiope and Hippolyta, respectively, as well as Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde, Kristoffer Polaha and Amr Waked in undisclosed roles.

Instead of coming out on October 2 as previously planned, Wonder Woman 1984 will now arrive on December 25. Keep track of other DC movies that are on the way with our comprehensive guide.

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