The Next Alita: Battle Angel Twitter Campaign Is Aiming To Bring The Film Back To Theaters

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The Alita Army, ever vigilant in trying to do all they can to make sure a sequel to 2019’s Alita: Battle Angel is brought forth, have come up with their latest social media campaign to raise the profile of this would-be cult classic that’s gathering steam. After supporting the movie’s recent run on HBO and HBO Max, some members in the ranks of this fanbase have hatched a brand new idea to put Alita back on the map. It’s all focused on bringing the film back to Cinemark Theaters before 2020 is over.

Much like previous campaigns that saw fans flooding Twitter with messages of encouragement for Alita: Battle Angel’s potential sequel to find a new home, a brand new quest is brewing that’ll take place on October 1. The particular details about this new social media exercise can be found below:

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The nuts and bolts of this particular scenario are as follows: on next Thursday, October 1, fans are encouraged to tweet their messages of encouragement directly to Cinemark Theaters’ Twitter handle. Using the hashtag #ReReleaseAlita, the goal is to see if the chain will bring Robert Rodriguez’s hard earned sci-fi adventure back onto screens by the end of the year. The exact timing for these tweets is set for 7 AM PST, so you’ll want to do the time zone math for your local purposes.

Of course, the purpose of a theatrical re-release for Alita: Battle Angel is to make sure that the sequel, popularly referred to as Alita: Fallen Angel, has a better chance of becoming a reality. The thinking behind this entire exercise is if Alita’s first cinematic adventure returned to big screens all over, audience members who missed out the first time would be able to enjoy the ride as it was initially intended. With enough of a jump in attendance, Disney, or maybe even Paramount, might be motivated to get the gears turning for that second installment folks are hoping for.

In any other year of box office activity, a campaign to bring Alita: Battle Angel back to theaters might not seem like a big deal. However, with the current 2020 schedule recently suffering another huge push of films into later debuts and into the next year, some theaters might want to get creative, as they surely wouldn’t want to close their doors again. Depending on how voluminous the requests are, adding Alita: Battle Angel back into the rotation of previously shown titles theaters are looking to use to draw customers might be a prime idea.

If you’re looking to make some noise for the potential re-release of Alita: Battle Angel, do not stand by! Be sure to get onto your Twitter account next Thursday at 7 AM PST (or whatever time that is in your local area) and put your voice out into the world. Though it probably couldn’t hurt to also stream the film while it’s still on HBO Max. Though, you only have another week to do so, after which point the film will be moving to Cinemax, with airings starting on October 2.

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