Nobody Likes Adam Sandler's Beard, But He Has To Keep It For 'A While'

Adam Sandler Beard During Ellen Interview

Have you seen Adam Sandler lately? He’s got a beard. It’s not quite at the level of his caddy from Happy Gilmore, but it’s not some perfectly manscapped stubble situation either. It’s a full blown beard, and as such, it has been a topic of conversation recently. That’s the thing about having a beard, everyone wants to talk about it. I can attest as someone who often looks like he’s gone rogue from his Civil War encampment, and apparently Ellen DeGeneres, who is back at work, can attest too, as she brought up the topic almost immediately when Adam Sandler Skyped in for an interview.

Adam Sandler couldn’t be with Ellen in person, of course, on account of everything going on in the world, but the conversation, which can be found here, between the two was still a lot of fun. Apparently the comedy legend started growing out the beard during the pandemic, everyone including strangers hate it and he’s going to keep it, both because he’s a contrarian and because he apparently needs it for an upcoming movie…

This has been about a half hour. I shaved a half hour ago. No, I don’t know why I did it. I grew it out during the pandemic. Nobody likes it. Nobody on the street likes it. Nobody in the house likes it, but for some reason, I’m like that’s a good sign, I should keep it… Sadly, I’m keeping it for a movie I’m about to shoot so it’s sticking around for awhile.

Growing out a beard is such a shortcut to being perceived differently, especially as an actor. It’s from the same box as an actress dying her hair for a role or cutting it in some new fashion. It causes the audience to immediately reappraise the person and decide whether any characteristics have changed. Sandler had a little bit of the beard going in the recent Uncut Gems, and his whole appearance was a great compliment to his character’s personality, which is a lot to take in. You see this guy and just know what you’re in for immediately.

It’s unclear what exactly Adam Sandler is growing out the beard for. His upcoming Netflix film Hubie Halloween was already filmed and will be released this weekend, and it doesn’t matter what he looks like while recording his voice work for Hotel Transylvania 4. So, maybe this is for another Netflix comedy. Maybe this is for another serious role in light of how much at least critics loved Uncut Gems. At this point, most of us know he has the talent and acting chops to handle whatever is put in front of him.

We’ll keep you updated on Sandler’s future as soon as we know more. Until then, consider growing out your own beard or badgering your husband to do the same. It’s a once in a generation opportunity to go for a different look, and if nothing else, at least the beard will give you something to talk about.

Mack Rawden
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