Hubie Halloween Trailer: Adam Sandler's Latest Netflix Movie Debuts A New Bonkers Voice For The Sandman

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler does a salute

Adam Sandler can do pretty much anything when he puts his mind to it, and the man has proven it time and time again. Most recently, he showed the world his dramatic chops when he took on the role of jeweler/gambler Howie Ratner in The Safdie Brothers’ profanely excellent thriller Uncut Gems. However, the man also knows when it’s time to kick back, create a bonkers new voice, and deliver a more traditional comedy for his fans to watch on Netflix. Which leads us to the debut of the trailer for a project cut from that very cloth, Hubie Halloween. Watch below… if you dare!

Hubie Halloween shows us the latest character to join the ranks of The Sandman’s eccentric protagonists, Hubie DuBois. A Halloween superfan, who just happens to live in Salem, Massachusetts, Hubie kind of has a problem of crying wolf to the local police whenever he thinks something spooky is afoot. The town loves to pick on him for this fact, but that’s not enough to stop DuBois from celebrating Halloween, and attempting to protect the town during the witching hour. Which is a good thing in 2020, as the year that’s seen everything and anything happen is about to bring real evil to Salem, and Hubie looks as ready as he’ll ever be to face it head on.

Naturally, the horror being faced in Hubie Halloween isn’t too bad natured or chilling, as this is a PG-13 Netflix film starring Adam Sandler. But it’s hard to tell what’s lurking in the shadows, or just what sort of madness has seized Steve Buscemi, driving him to devour pumpkins whole. Whatever it is, this trailer just proves that Hubie Halloween wouldn’t be an Adam Sandler comedy without some of the famed comic’s old friends turning up to join in on the fun.

Scattered throughout the trailer are pals like SNL royalty like Tim Meadows, Maya Rudolph, and Kenan Thompson as the various townsfolk that can’t help but mock Hubie’s rather eccentric love of the Halloween season. And, as previously promised, frequent Sandler collaborator Kevin James is back on the law enforcement beat, complete with that out of control beard we saw him rock during the shooting of Hubie Halloween.

Perhaps the most exciting news that’s come out of Hubie Halloween has to be the fact that Modern Family’s Julie Bowen has reunited with Adam Sandler for the first time in almost 25 years. As the pair previously made comedy history in the well beloved classic Happy Gilmore, their reteaming on this new Netflix horror-comedy certainly feels like getting the gang back together. Pairing Bowen’s kind hearted brand of deadpan humor mixed with Sandler’s usual antics feels like the sort of energy we could all use right now, especially in a time when people are afraid that Halloween as we know it will be cancelled.

Never fear, as Hubie Halloween will be ready to scare up some laughs on October 7th, only on Netflix. And if you thought this film was Adam Sandler delivering on his promise to make a bad movie in retaliation for his lack of Oscar love over Uncut Gems, don’t get your hopes up. That reckoning is still waiting in the wings, as this movie was already in production in advance of that particular pledge.

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