Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles 2 Trailer Brings Back Kurt Russell And Way More Goldie Hawn

The Christmas Chronicles 2 Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell standing in the middle of their village

Back in the before times, 2018 to be specific, Netflix gave the world a new holiday tradition to hold dear to their hearts: the Kurt Russell starring The Christmas Chronicles. The film hit so well with audiences that eventually a sequel was promised. And now, in a year that could probably stand to stock up on as much holiday cheer as it did toilet paper, The Christmas Chronicles 2 has arrived; and with way more Goldie Hawn to make the season bright. Take a look as the next adventure in this holiday franchise below:

With The Christmas Chronicles 2 bringing audiences back to the North Pole, there’s a really good reason that Goldie Hawn’s Mrs. Claus is brought into the picture, as her resourcefulness is very much needed in this holiday sequel. As Kate (Darby Camp) returns to the North Pole, alongside her step-brother Jack (Jahzir Bruno,) there’s some pretty dangerous circumstances surrounding this second installment of the Chris Columbus produced (and now directed) saga. While it might seem like a beautiful thing for Santa and Mrs. Claus to have children to entertain around the holidays, Kate and Jaek’s visit isn’t just a cute social call.

Rather, it looks like they’ve been sent back to the North Pole, in part of an evil plan hatched by Belsnickel, played by Deadpool 2 and Hunt for the Wilderpeople star Julian Dennison. While his motivations aren’t clear yet, what is apparent is the fact that he wants to remove the one thing that protects the North Pole from detection, the Christmas Star. Looks like it’s time to cue the fun, excitement, and exploding cookies; especially when on top of this very human threat to The Christmas Chronicles 2’s story, there’s a vicious creature known as the Yulecat. And it looks like this cat doesn’t settle for Meow Mix when the dinner bell rings.

Seeing as the movie’s called The Christmas Chronicles 2, and not Fatman, this particular tale of a young man trying to shut down the holly jolly holidays is one you can definitely share with the family. That especially rings true when you see the legendary chemistry between real-life couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell at work in this reel of exciting footage. The comedic energy between the two makes them an absolutely perfect pair to play Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus for a whole new generation of fans, and the parting gag in this trailer only sells that point oh so beautifully. Yeah, Santa does look like he enjoys a Christmas crisis, but seeing as Mrs. Claus makes exploding cookies, it sounds like he married the right woman to help him out in a tight spot.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 dashes through the snow to your Netflix queue on November 25th, with limited theaters showing the film before that date. So should you feel safe enough to venture out to your local movie house, this could be the ticket you’ve been waiting for.

Mike Reyes
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