One Moment In Netflix's Holidate That Wasn’t Planned, But Ended Up In The Movie Anyway

Warning: spoilers are in play for Netflix's Holidate. If you haven't seen the movie yet, do not open until you've done so. No one likes spoiled presents.

Romance and moviemaking share some key similarities that make them both some of the most magical experiences in life. One big overlapping factor of joy has to be found in the fact that spontaneity can sometimes create the most memorable and long-lasting moments in either enterprise. A fantastic case of this sort of inspiration came out of the very believable chemistry between Holidate stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, as their goofing off on the set of the Netflix film created a moment that actually ended up in the movie. All it took was a box of chocolates, and some really good aim.

During the Holidate press day I attended on behalf of CinemaBlend, I asked Emma Roberts about this very simple, but still pretty special moment in the movie. After an R-rated parking lot encounter between her character Sloane and her holidate Jackson (played by Luke Bracey,) there’s some plot driving conversation, which culminates in a moment where Sloane tosses a chocolate into Jackson’s mouth. Nailing it like a champ, the pair erupt into excitement and cheers over such a feat. As Roberts herself recalls below, this great addition to Holidate’s series of events came from a very natural place:

That was added. Like, it was a fluke, we just did that, and it just happened. That was a one and done, was not in the script. I just threw the chocolate in his mouth, and we were like, 'Oh my god!' I mean, we couldn’t believe it.

What makes this story even better is how you can feel the surprise of both Luke Bracey and Emma Roberts when the chocolate actually lands in Bracey’s mouth in Netflix's Holidate. Sure, a scene like this could have been believably scripted in the rom-com. In fact it’d be likable whether or not it was in the script. This is the type of moment that proper romantic movies practically crave, as the more believable something like this comes off on screen, the more you’ll believe the couple you’re seeing fall for each other genuinely works. So to hear it was an add-on from the leads, makes it all-the-more sweet.

That’s an even more impressive feat when taking into account that Holidate isn’t a conventional rom-com to begin with. Possessing a streak of outrageously refreshing raunch in addition to a big beating heart, the dynamics between characters in this world are a lot more relatable for fans and non-fans alike to enjoy. Romance isn’t forced between Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey’s co-protagonists, leaving them game to do anything that comes to mind. So when boxes of chocolate on set led to a Valentine’s Day moment that sees hand-eye coordination become a comedic beat, it was truly coming from the heart.

Scripted moments also benefitted from the very charming chemistry that Holidate’s cast brought to the table, as seen in the very scripted moment where Bracey’s Jackson attempted, but fails, to recreate the infamously uplifting and oft imitated Dirty Dancing moment between Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. A combination of Luke Bracey himself and “professionals that helped out” conveyed the moment and its hilarious fallout, which saw Emma Roberts’ Sloane accidentally going topless on a crowded dance floor ... on New Year’s Eve. And this is after Sloane swaps her little black dress with a woman so nervous that she's about to be proposed to that she spills very red wine on a pristine white dress.

Scripted or unscripted, the interplay between Luke Bracey and Emma Roberts totally nails Holidate’s total package of outrageous humor and lovely romance in a balancing act that is insanely admirable. With their natural sense of timing, it’s no wonder that the big chocolate moment is notable in a Netflix film that also includes children fighting over easter eggs, a finger being blown off by a firecracker, and a wild performance by Kristen Chenoweth. You can bet that someone out there is going to want that moment in their rom-com script they’re currently working on, and if there happens to be an influx of candy tricks, you know where you can send your gratitude!

If you are looking for a sweet rom-com treat, you can check out Holidate on Netflix, as it’s streaming right at this very moment. Though you might want to get a box of chocolates beforehand, just in case you or any other viewers you’re sharing the film with are possessed to see how many takes you’ll need to land that same shot. Or see what else is coming with our full Netflix schedule.

Mike Reyes
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