Rebel Wilson’s Halloween Costume Shows Off Nunchuck Skills And New Figure After Weight Loss

Halloween might have just passed, but the holiday weekend brought plenty of exciting content that many of us are still just catching up on. This includes what various celebrities dressed up as, with some of them breaking the internet in the process. Rebel Wilson recently made headlines for her physical transformation and weight loss, and her own Halloween pics showed off her new figure and... nunchuck skills?

It's been great to watch Rebel Wilson's professional trajectory over the years, becoming a bonafide movie star in the process. She recently used her platform to encourage American fans to vote, as well as sharing her Halloween costume Rona: Warrior Princess. The video shows off her sweet skills with nunchucks, as well as a closer look at Fit Amy (as she calls herself). Check it out below.

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Who knew that Rebel Wilson had so many skills? While we've seen her talents as an actress and singer, it turns out the 40 year-old comedian can also throw down with some weapons. Namely, a set of nunchucks which she's able to swing around with ease. Someone put her in an action movie, already.

The above video comes to us from Rebel Wilson's personal Instagram, and came in a slew of posts that she put up to celebrate Halloween. Wilson and her friends dressed up as the Nun-Chicks, a group of badass femme fatales whose goal is to eradicate COVID-19. It's an appropriately silly and self-referential look for 2020, although the public can also see how much the actress' hard work has brought results for her fitness journey.

Rebel Wilson has had a variety of iconic film roles throughout the years, but she's perhaps best known for her role in the Pitch Perfect franchise. The movie musicals saw her playing a character named "Fat Amy", so Wilson's weight has been someone synonymous with her public image. Add in her roles in projects like Cats and Isn't It Romantic?, there's no wonder why the actress' physical transformation has made headlines.

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In fact, Rebel Wilson debuted her new look herself on social media, donning the new name "Fit Amy." Her Halloween costume shows off the results of her new fitness regimen, while also giving us a glimpse at the comedian/actress having some fun on the holiday. There were plenty of folks out there who dressed up in costumes were centered around the ongoing pandemic, and Wilson is no exception.

Professionally it should be interesting to see what comes next for Rebel Wilson. Her most recent appearance was in Tom Hooper's infamous Cats movie, hamming it up as Jennyanydots, as well as Taika Waititi's Oscar winning movie Jojo Rabbit. She's currently in pre-production for a movie called The Almond and the Seahorse, but she should be joining other projects as sets around the world reopen. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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