Twilight Thirst Never Dies: One Eclipse Actor Still Gets Recognized All The Time For His Role

Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones as Seth and Leah Clearwater in Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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One of the fan favorites of the Twilight franchise is Leah Clearwater’s younger brother, Seth of the La Push werewolf tribe. In the movie adaptations, Booboo Stewart portrayed the role in 2010’s Eclipse when he was 15 years old – making him one of the youngest inductees to the cultural phenomenon’s jump to film. Since portraying Seth Clearwater, Stewart has gone on to play the son of Jafar in Disney Channel’s Descendents movies and Warpath for the X-Men series. Most recently, he also starred in Netflix’s catchy music series, Julie and the Phantoms.

But the thirst for Twilight never dies. The 26-year-old is all grown up and, since the franchise wrapped with the finale in 2012, he has certainly been in some major roles that appeal to young adult audiences. Booboo Stewart spoke out about being recognized for Seth even now:

It’s kind of funny, if people like something, they kinda like it forever. With Twilight still, [I get] so much stuff from Twilight, where everyone’s like ‘I love Twilight.’ And that movie came out a long time ago, over 10 years ago. Ten years since I was in it and I was in the third film. But, I'm so thankful. It’s very cool.

There’s just something about Twilight that’s always going to stick with us. Even as main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart move on to even bigger roles (such as R-Patz's upcoming turn in The Batman or K-Stew moving to a Princess Diana biopic), the memory of their work on Twilight remains in the conversation. Although the quality of the movies often gets a bad rep, the characters they play are still beloved, especially by the fans of the book series. And that holds true of characters played by Booboo Stewart and others as well, as he revealed to TooFab.

It’s funny because although Booboo Stewart has grown into his twenties and now dons longer hair, his work in the second half of the Twilight series is the first place many of us saw him. As a result, he's become irrevocably tied to the franchise. By no means does it take away from his more recent work, but I’d imagine it would take a bit of a toll on the actor when he's trying to live in the present moment of his career. Stewart also recalled what stuck out to him the most about playing Seth Clearwater:

The highlight for me would have been my first day on set. They had cut my hair. My hair was long before they cut it short for the movie, so it just felt so new and so fresh and you walked on these humongous sets and I was in Canada with my dad. Everything was just so new. That's a moment where I'm like, wow. I specifically remember walking to show one of the producers my hair because it had just gotten cut to make sure it was right. It was really fun and I would totally do it again, it was great.

And speaking of doing it again, Stephenie Meyer surprised fans earlier this year with the release of her fifth Twilight book, Midnight Sun, which retells the romance from Edward Cullen’s perspective. The author also confirmed that she has two more Twilight books in the works, but it could be some time before we see them. At least one of the ideas will be a sequel set four years after the events of Breaking Dawn. So perhaps there will be more of Seth Clearwater?

Booboo Stewart’s latest role is in Let Him Go with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, which is in theaters now.

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