Keanu Reeves And Ana De Armas Made A Movie Together Before She Was Famous. Now It's Getting Love On Netflix

Keanu Reeves and Ana De Armas in Knock Knock

Right now, Keanu Reeves is as big a star as he's even been thanks to the John Wick franchise. Ana de Armas has been on a meteoric rise in Hollywood in recent years following roles in movies like Blade Runner 2049 and Knives Out.She'll soon be seen in the next James Bond film.  A movie that stars both of these actors coming out right now would be all but guaranteed to be a massive hit, which is why it might surprise some to know that such a movie already happened, five years ago. Many may have overlooked the erotic thriller Knock Knock that came out in 2015, but the movie has been recently rediscovered and is now one of the top streaming items on Netflix.

Knock Knock jumped into the Netflix top 10 over the weekend (as of this writing it is sitting at number five) which is a somewhat surprising place to find a five-year-old, direct-to-video movie that doesn't have great reviews. However, you can chalk up the film's rediscovery to the fact that it stars Keanu Reeves, and a, at the time, still largely unknown outside of Spain, Ana de Armas. If you were surfing through Netflix and came across this film, you'd almost have to give it a look with that cast, and it seems a lot of people are now doing just that.

The film stars Keanu Reeves as a married man home alone for a weekend when he gives a pair of young women, one of which is played by Ana de Armas, shelter during a storm. The three of them end up having sex, and then the women turn the night into a nightmare of violence, blackmail, and murder. It's not a fun movie.

Knock Knock, which is a remake of the 1977 film Death Game, is, not great by most accounts. Rotten Tomatoes currently lists the film with a 36% score, and it's probably not surprising the movie wasn't put in theaters domestically. The fact is that while two of the film's main stars are huge right now, that wasn't the case in 2015. It would be two more years before Ana de Armas would appear in Blade Runner 2049 and Knock Knock was the first Keanu Reeves movie to come out after the first John Wick film. And while that franchise is massive now, the original movie was something of a slow burn, with more people discovering it on Blu-ray via word of mouth than actually made it a hit in theaters.

Of course, while critics may not have loved Knock Knock, that doesn't mean nobody else will, and a lot of people are probably discovering a fun movie that they had completely overlooked. It's certainly not the first time that a movie that most people skipped over ended up having a much more impressive cast after the fact. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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