14 Batman Gift Ideas For Fans Of All Ages

Kevin Conroy in Batman: The Animated Series

Any admirer of the Dark Knight probably has collected a sizable amount of Batman comics, owns most of the Batman movies, or has a whole army of scale figurines resembling various iterations of the character. Needless to say, when figuring out what to pick out for the Batfan fan in your life this holiday season, you probably should try to get a little more creative, which is not too difficult for a character more than 80 years old. 

In fact, the selection of great Batman gifts available online can actually be a little overwhelming, as you can see from the following 12 epic products your Batman-loving friend or family member not only deserves, but might even need right now.

Adam West Batman LEGO Bust

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Honor Adam West With This LEGO Classic Batman Bust

While some may prefer the more modern, and especially darker iterations of the “Dark Knight,” it is still hard not to have a special place in one’s heart for the late, great Adam West and his portrayal of the “Bright Night” on the iconic Batman TV show in the 1960s. If you have a loved one who grew up with this campy classic (and, perhaps, with LEGO, too), get them this bust that resembles the head of millionaire Bruce Wayne’s costumed alter ego.

Buy LEGO 1960s Batman Bust on LEGO.com. 

Batman Car Badge

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Turn Any Car Into The Batmobile With This Batsymbol Car Badge

Obviously, the ultimate gift for any Batfan would be Batman’s ride - the Batmobile, but good luck getting ahold of one of those. Make things easier on yourself by gifting the next best thing: this black chrome emblem that easily sticks to any vehicle with included adhesive. If your beloved Batman fan likes their car the way it is, the badge can be applied to various other surfaces, such as a laptop or on the wall above their bed.

Buy Batman Batsymbol Car Badge on Amazon here.

Batman Car Door Welcome Lights

Turn Your Car Into The Batmobile With These Door Welcome Lights

Now, if you really want to make your loved one feel like Batman while behind the wheel, this pack of four welcome lights should certainly do the trick. Any one of their car doors is opened, an LED projection of the Bat Signal will appear on the ground below. Each light is powered by a set of three AAA batteries and easily installs into any kind of vehicle with its built-in adhesive backing, proving that building the Batmoblie is not such a task after all.

Joker Playing Cards

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The Joker’s Wild In This Set Of Playing Cards

Being a fan of Batman makes you a fan of the most notorious of the Batman villains, The Joker, by proxy. Thus, your beloved Batfan would likely be delighted to receive this set of playing cards bearing 52 different images of the Clown Prince of Crime straight from the pages of DC Comics. What better way to spend a holiday evening than challenging each other to a game of wits.

Buy The Joker Playing Cards Set on Amazon.

Joker/Harley Quinn VInyl Record Clock

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Celebrate Your “Mad Love” With This Joker/Harley Vinyl Record Clock

While things have changed between The Joker and his former partner in crime and romance, Harley Quinn, these criminals shared a strange and historic relationship in the comics and other forms of media since she debuted on Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. In honor of that legacy, give the Harley and Joker fan in your life this awesome clock carved out of a vinyl record that pays special tribute to Alex Ross’s beautiful cover art from the iconic Batman comic “Mad Love.”

Buy Joker/Harley Vinyl Record Clock on Amazon.

Batman Batsignal Kitchen Timer

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Let The Batsignal Alert You That Food Is Ready

Speaking of keeping time, does the Batfan in your life also enjoy cooking? A perfect way to combine those two passions is with this kitchen timer that projects the world famous signal for Batman to spring into action when the time is up.

Buy Batsignal Kitchen Timer on Amazon.

Batman/Catwoman Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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Batman "Welcome to the Batcave" Doormat

Uncover The Batcave With This  Batman Doormat

For Bruce Wayne, keeping the location of the Batcave a secret is an everyday struggle. However, Batman fans would proudly announce it as their own property. The closest you can come to giving your loved one that opportunity is with this doormat that proudly reads “Welcome to the Batcave.”

Buy Batman “Welcome to the Batcave” Doormat on Amazon.

Batman Toaster

Cast The Signal For Breakfast Time With This Batman Toaster

For anyone who ever struggled to find a way to “Batman” up their breakfast, we have just the thing! This fully-functioning, two-slice toaster actually burns the Batman logo into the bread, making French toast sound less interesting all of the sudden.

Buy Batman Toaster on Walmart.com.

Batman Mug

Start The Morning Right After A Night Out With This Batman Coffee Mug

Even superheroes, especially ones who spent every night seeking evil to thwart, need an extra pick-me-up of caffeine the next day, too. However, to keep coffee drinking on brand with a Batman obsession, this mug could not be the better choice. With a design inspired by Neal Adams’ costume illustration and a removable cape that qualifies as decoration when not in use, this ceramic cup proves that The Dark Knight lives on even beyond sunrise.

Buy Batman Coffee Mug With Removable Cape on Amazon.

Batman Pint Glass

Enjoy A Little Knight Cap With This Batman Pint Glass

Devoted to keeping his mind and body in peak form, Bruce Wayne is not usually much of a drinker. However, that does not mean that the Batfan in your life won’t indulge in a brew every once in a while. With that in mind, they can have the best of both worlds by enjoying a cold one in this pint glass with a black Batman logo embossed on a slightly lighter solid color.

Buy Batman Pint Glass on Amazon.

Batman Multi-tool Keychain

This Batman Keychain Does More Than Pop Bottles

Let’s say the cold one your friend chooses to enjoy inside the epic pint glass you gave them comes in a non-twist-off bottle. Well, it is a good thing you thought to include this Batman logo-shaped keychain with a built-in bottle opener. The handy, blackened metal tool also includes a flathead screwdriver at the end of one batwing and a Phillips head on the other.

Buy Batman Multi Tool Keychain on Amazon.

"Batman" Key Ring Organizer

Use This Little Batman-Looking Cape To Keep Your Key Ring Organized

To be honest, one downside to that multi-tool keychain is the extra bulk it adds to your key ring. That being said, you might as well throw in this bat-shaped, leather keychain that keeps your keys and/or key fob organized within a 1”x1.5” space and snaps closed with a built-in metal button. It may not have an official Batman logo on it, it will undoubtedly get the message across.

Buy Batman Cape Keyring Organizer on Amazon.

Batman Bhudda Sculpture

Find Your Inner Superhero Spirit With This Batman Buddha Sculpture

This is easily the weirdest Batman-inspired product I have ever seen in my life. Of course, that is exactly why I love it and why I believe gifting it to your close Batfan will give you good karma. The 5”, 8-ounce, 3-D printed sculpture, which combines Batman’s head with Buddha’s body, can be custom-made in the color of your choice, but black is probably the safest bet.

Buy Batman Buddha Sculpture on Amazon.

With any of these Batman products under the tree, you and your loved ones are sure to have a better holiday than Bruce Wayne did in 1992’s Batman Returns.

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