Kevin Conroy in Batman: The Animated Series

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It is that time of year again when you begin to think about what to include on your list of holiday gifts for loved ones. If you are the kind of person who relishes in the gift-giving spirit, you probably want to make a really good impression, especially with a certain person you know who takes great pride in their obsession with comic book characters like Bruce Wayne’s brooding alter ego, for instance. Thankfully, the perfect Batman gifts are just one click away.

Now, it should be expected that any admirer of the Dark Knight probably has collected a sizable amount of DC Comics issues featuring the Caped Crusader, owns most of the Batman movies on Blu-ray (even Batman & Robin for good measure), and has a whole army of scale figurines built to resemble various iterations of the character (or even his equipment) set up all throughout their home. Needless to say, when figuring out what you may want to pick out for the Batfan in your life, you probably should try to get a little more creative with your selection - perhaps something more on the practical side or a even unique modern art piece. Fortunately, for a character as prevalent to pop culture as Batman after more than 80 years of existence, these kinds of products are not so hard to come by.

In fact, the selection of great Batman gifts can actually be a little overwhelming and there is so much time during the holidays to find exactly what you are looking for. Allow us, if you will, to help assist in you in your quest by narrowing down your search our picks for the best options available. The following are 12 epic products that your favorite Batman-loving friend or family member not only deserves, but might actually need right now, such as this particularly timely and quite necessary item.

Batman Face Mask

Avenge Your Health With This Batman Face Mask

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, people like me might have been happy to learn they finally had a practical reason to wear their favorite mask in public. At least that was until they remembered Batman covers everything but the facial features where protection is most necessary. Thankfully, this adjustable, highly breathable, and waterproof mask designed to resemble the lower half of the Kevin Conroy-voiced iteration from Batman: The Animated Series not only helps prevent the spread of infection, but goes perfectly with a cowl.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman "Welcome to the Batcave" Doormat

No One Will Have An Issue Finding Your House With This Batman Doormat

Speaking of Covid-19, the pandemic has also made the practice of getting food delivered more common than ever before. The only downside that I have seen to that is, depending on where you live, some deliverers may have a more difficult time finding their customers’ homes than others. However, with this doormat that proudly reads “Welcome to the Batcave,” your beloved Batman fan will have no problem describing to their Door Dasher or Uber Eats driver exactly what to look for and will have their food in no time.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Toaster

Cast The Signal For Breakfast Time With This Batman Toaster

One might prefer, even with the popularity of food deliveries these days, to cook breakfast for themselves - especially with the choice to add their own special flair to the recipe. For anyone who ever struggled to find a way to “Batman” up their breakfast, we have something for you! This fully-functioning, two-slice toaster actually burns the Batman logo into the bread, making French toast sound less interesting all of the sudden.

Buy it on here.

Batman Mug

Start The Morning Right After A Night Out With This Batman Coffee Mug

Even superheroes, especially ones who spent every night seeking evil to thwart, need the extra pick-me-up of caffeine the next day, too. However, to keep coffee drinking on brand with a Batman obsession, this mug could not be the better choice. With a design inspired by Neal Adams’ costume illustration and a removable cape that qualifies as decoration when not in use, this ceramic cup proves the The Dark Knight lives on even beyond sunrise.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Pint Glass

Enjoy A Little Knight Cap With This Batman Pint Glass

Due to his devotion in keeping his mind and body in peak form, Bruce Wayne is not much of a drinker (depending on the interpretation, that is). However, that does not mean that the Batfan in your life is not either. With that in mind, they can have the best of both worlds by enjoying a cold one in this pint glass with a black Batman logo embossed on a slightly lighter solid color.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Multi-tool Keychain

This Batman Keychain Does More Than Pop Bottles

Let’s say the cold one your friend chooses to enjoy inside the epic pint glass gave them comes in a non-twist-off bottle. Well, it is a good thing you thought to include this Batman logo-shaped keychain with a built-in bottle opener with the gift. The handy, blackened metal tool also also includes a flathead screwdriver at the end of one batwing and a Phillips head on the other.

Buy it on Amazon here.

"Batman" Key Ring Organizer

Use This Little Batman-Looking Cape To Keep Your Key Ring Organized

To be honest, one downside to that multi-tool keychain is the extra bulk it adds to your key ring. That being said, you might as well throw in this bat-shaped, leather keychain that keeps your keys and/or key fob organized within a 1”x1.5” space and snaps closed with a built-in metal button. It may not have an official Batman logo on it, it will undoubtedly get the message across.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Car Door Welcome Lights

Turn Your Car Into The Batmobile With These Door Welcome Lights

Now, if you really want to make your loved one feel like Batman while behind the wheel, this pack of four welcome lights should certainly do the trick. Any one of their car doors is opened, an LED projection of the Bat Signal will appear on the ground below. Each light is powered by a set of three AAA batteries and easily installs into any kind of vehicle with its built-in adhesive backing, proving that building the Batmoblie is not such a task after all.

Buy it on Amazon here.

"Batman" Vinyl Wall Art Decal Set

Perfect Your Batcave With This Vinyl Wall Art Set

No Batfan’s home is complete without some Dark Knight-inspired decor, but of course, you still have to be prepared for the possibility that your friend already has enough Batman posters to fill a museum in their house. If there is a chance, however, that they have left one wall untouched, a perfect way to fill that space would be this set of vinyl decals depicting the silhouette of Batman dissolving into a swarm of his winged brethren. Just stick the pieces onto any smooth surface to complete the beautiful, large scale mural fit for a Batcave.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Bhudda Sculpture

Find Your Inner Superhero Spirit With This Batman Buddha Sculpture

This is easily the weirdest Batman-inspired product I have ever seen in my life. Of course, that is exactly why I love it and why I believe gifting it to your close Batfan will give you good karma. The 5”, 8-ounce, 3-D printed sculpture, which combines Batman’s head with Buddha’s body, can be custom-made in the color of your choice, but black is probably the safest bet.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Keep Time In Style With This Vinyl Record Batman Clock

For the kind of person who prefers their home decor to also have a more practical purpose, this wall clock is the perfect option for when that person also happen to be a die hard Batman fan. However, what makes this particular clock especially cool is its unique, Dark Knight-inspired surrounding design is carved out of a 12” vinyl record. Even better, there are plenty of other “batty” design options available where that came from.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Batman / Joker Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Spice Things Up With These Batman / Joker Salt And Pepper Shakers

Speaking of home decor with a purpose, have you ever seen a set of salt and pepper shakers as cool as this one? Each shaker in this set is made hand-crafted ceramic and hand-painted to vaguely resemble The Dark Knight and his clownish arch-nemesis, respectively. It is like seeing Batman and Joker, instead of warring over peace and sanity in Gotham City, competing to be the seasoning you choose for your favorite meal.

Buy it on Amazon here.

What do you think? Are these Batman products so cool that even you might one of them for yourself, or are these the kinds of gifts that only a newbie fan would ask for? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates related to the Dark Knight, as well as more of our own recommendations for items that your pop culture-obsessed friends and family members would geek out over, here on CinemaBlend.

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