The Number Of Hours People Have Spent Watching Netflix's Adam Sandler Movies Is Mind-Boggling

Hubie Halloween Adam Sandler holding a defensive ping pong paddle

You probably can’t imagine how many hours people have watched the Netflix films of arguably the studio’s lord and savior, Adam Sandler. With the actor delivering huge hits for the platform, such as Hubie Halloween and the 2019 mega-hit Murder Mystery, there's surely the potential for an astronomical, mind-boggling amount of time that Sandler fans have spent enjoying his output. Now, with those figures confirmed, we can say that since Sandler fans have watched over two billion hours of his content on Netflix. Whoa, boy!

According to recent data from Variety, Hubie Halloween is not only the most popular movie and title overall on Netflix’s 2020 roster, it’s also a part of the aforementioned two billion hour running total. Crunching those numbers into another interesting context, the amount of time that Adam Sandler fans have spent watching him on Netflix boils down to roughly 228310.5 years. Even spread across the subscriber base of the big red streaming giant, that’s saying something.

The relationship between Adam Sandler and Netflix spans back to the road that led to The Ridiculous 6’s debut back in 2015, which was only the beginning of the lucrative team-up that still stands to this day. Clearly, the results of their pairing is something that’s made all involved happy, as a new Sander/Netflix venture is already in the works with his next film Hustle; as well as the recently announced adaptation of Spaceman of Bohemia.

Still, two billion hours is a pretty massive amount of time to have spent on the Netflix platform, ingesting nothing but Adam Sandler flicks. Even just limiting that measure of time to Hubie Halloween alone, that’s almost one billion viewings of the latest Sandlerverse addition on streaming, as the film runs close to two hours. With that much time logged, you could be sure any keen audience member would be able to find every single easter egg to a previous Adam Sandler movie, and commit them to memory.

Just as 2019 was a pretty big year for Adam Sandler, it’s hard to even imagine the man phoning his career in with numbers like these. Whether you like his films or not, Sandler has made an effective teammate for Netflix’s original content library, as the crowds keep flocking to the movies they make. Crowd-pleasing is a skill, and the Adam Sandler/Netflix team totally knows how to bag that sort of appeal.

You can see just why this is the continuation of a beautiful friendship, as Hubie Halloween is currently available on Netflix. And if you have a taste for more Sandler hijinks, there’s plenty more where that came from in the platform's library. But if you’re curious about when you can find new and exciting movies to break up the two million hours of streaming Adam Sandler content, the 2020 release schedule is your friend throughout the rest of this calendar year.

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