Adam Sandler Will Go To Space In A New Netflix Movie

Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler has been on all kinds of crazy adventures over the years, going everywhere from the football field, to hell, to the old west, but now he's preparing to slip the surly bonds of earth to play an astronaut for the first time in his career. He's now signed on to star in the new movie The Spaceman Of Bohemia, and while the film will mark his latest collaboration with Netflix, it's expected to be quite different tonally than Hubie Halloween or Murder Mystery.

Deadline was the first to report the news of Sandler signing on to the project, which notes that the film is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Jaroslav Kalfar, and could be a project more in line with Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories than the comedies that come out of Sandler's production company Happy Madison. That's not to say that the movie won't be funny; it just is expected to also be serious.

Set to be directed by Johan Renck, who earned acclaim helming episodes of the award-winning HBO series Chernobyl, Spaceman of Bohemia will presumably feature Adam Sandler as Jakub Procházka – a Czech astronaut who is sent to a location in space near Venus so that he can get samples of a mysterious intergalactic dust. All of the other space programs on Earth believe that the mission is far too dangerous, but the Czech Republic desires the opportunity to stand out on the world stage, and Jakub wants the opportunity to earn redemption for his family.

He winds up spinning out in a depression when he learns via video chat that his wife is leaving him, and circumstances get even stranger when he begins hearing a mysterious voice inside his ship.

The last twelve months have been pretty great for Adam Sandler professionally, as at the end of last year he earned some of the highest critical praise of his career for his turn in the brilliant Uncut Gems, and just a few weeks ago Hubie Halloween had a massive release on Netflix tied to the upcoming holiday (and reviews for that one are actually some of the best he's ever gotten). He's currently working on a new basketball film called Hustle with director Jeremiah Zagar, which will also be on Netflix and co-stars Ben Foster, Robert Duvall, and Queen Latifah. Will that project and Spaceman Of Bohemia successfully keep his hot streak going? We'll have to wait and see.

Spaceman Of Bohemia does not yet have a set release date (Netflix usually doesn't set those up until a few months prior to the day), but for those of you craving an Adam Sandler fix you can find a significant fraction of his filmography on Netflix.

Eric Eisenberg
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