After Kristen Stewart's Happiest Season Success, The Director Has Thoughts About A Sequel

Happiest Season Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis walking down the street

Even the most optimistic projections for co-writer/director Clea DuVall’s Hulu hit Happiest Season probably didn’t see the overwhelming tide of support the film has received coming. And whenever a movie becomes a unexpected hit, there’s one word that eventually creeps into the picture, for creator and fan alike: “sequel.” That fact of life hasn’t escaped DuVall’s own thoughts, as she’s gone on the record as to being open to a follow-up to this year’s Kristen Stewart rom-com.

As a response to Happiest Season’s great success, Clea DuVall spoke with Variety about the entire whirlwind experience that has surrounded the project, and its release. In the aftermath of the film’s response, DuVall addressed the possibility of another entry in the world of Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis’ holiday romance. The results of that conversation have led to the following thoughts:

I would love to do a sequel I mean, I have a couple of ideas. We all had such a great time making the movie that we were talking about it then. But it was also just like, who knew if anybody would care about the movie or not? So I definitely am more than open to it.

The first promising sign is that Clea DuVall, who co-wrote the film with one of her Happiest Season stars Mary Holland, has some ideas for where the sequel could go. That right there sounds like there’s multiple paths that could see other characters besides Abby and Harper put into the spotlight. A prospect that could put recent fan favorites from that first film into a more prominent position.

The discourse surrounding Happiest Season has seen some pretty positive reactions to both Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy’s characters in the film as well. With Levy bringing some of the film’s best gags, and a monologue that’s definitely wringed some tears, following his character John through some holiday romance would be a welcomed potential. But then there’s Plaza’s character, Harper’s ex-girlfriend Riley; a figure that many have been looking to see more of in a potential Happiest Season sequel.

Debates have broken out on the internet over whether Riley should have been the one, true pairing that Abby wound up in at the end of Happiest Season, and that’s all that you really need to know about how a Riley-centric sequel would fare. Though it should be noted that the final cut of the film did delete an entire character that could have shut that line of thought down for good; as Clea DuVall was supposed to play Georgia, Abby’s ex-girlfriend. If the Instagram montage at the end of the film is any indication, it looks like Georgia and Riley became a thing, and all was right with the world.

It’s probably way too early to try and figure out where a Happiest Season sequel will go, as the first film is enjoying the early days of its release on Hulu. But it's good to know that the public acclaim for the film has Clea DuVall excited to get back to work in the holly jolly universe she's helped create for all to enjoy. If you haven’t seen Happiest Season yet, it might be the holiday treat you’re looking for. Though if you’re seeking something else new on the horizon, you should definitely check out the 2020 release schedule.

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