Blake Lively Throws A+ Shade At Husband Ryan Reynolds When Posting About Her ‘Favorite Things’ From Vancouver

One cliché that has become popular thanks to the internet is the Instagram couple. It’s something that Saturday Night Live is great at making fun of, but can be a pain if it consistently takes forms among your friend list. There are, of course, loads of Hollywood couples, who have in turn become “Instagram couples.” Although Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds could have all the makings of one, they always manage to keep it real in the best way.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are sweethearts of humans, but they are also experts at dry humor. In the latest roast, Lively decided to take an opportunity to share four of her "favorite things in the world" from Vancouver, Canada. Her first three were a collection of desserts from Reynolds’ hometown, but she fails to mention her hubby himself. Here was her fourth entry, via her Instagram:

Blake Lively favorite thing vancouver, Canada, luigi pie

(Image credit: (Blake Lively/Instagram))

Oops! it looks like you failed to mention your very own Deadpool, Blake. She threw the shade, but made it clear she was quite aware of the response everyone was expecting from her. After naming Vancouver-made ice cream, donuts and pie, she mentioned Ask For Luigi, an Italian-inspired Vancouver restaurant. She captioned the post with “who did you think I was gonna say??” and added a cheeky Wade Wilson gif in the bottom right corner.

Pies before guys, that's what I always say… as of today. But it’s not a bad motto to live by either way, and seems to be one Blake Lively is ready to adopt publicly. Those desserts look absolutely amazing, and doesn’t Ryan Reynolds get enough press anyway? The dude’s been feuding with Hugh Jackman again recently, plus taking shots at Chris Hemsworth with the help of his mom, and therefore on a weird rampage to alienate all muscled-up Aussies.

It looks like the pair are doing their part to support small restaurants as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit the food industry hard, including fine dining establishments such as Vancouver’s Ask For Luigi. What’s funny is this isn’t the first time Blake Lively has roasted Ryan Reynolds with a picture of sweet, sweet dessert. For the actor’s birthday back in October, she threw shade at him for wanting pie over cake for his birthday, and digging into the pie before blowing out the candles.

Hey, if it’s just a couple pies between these two, I’d say things are going to be A-OK. The couple have been quarantining with their three kids this year, with their youngest Betty being welcomed to their family just late last year. While they’ve admitted to some drinking being involved in their extended stay-at-home, the couple have been productive too, donating to causes affected by the coronavirus and encouraging voting in the U.S. election.

So, yeah Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are still the cutest Hollywood couple. They have their pie and eat it too, and it’s cute, even when it’s a bit sour.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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