Ryan Reynolds Gets Bloody, Hangs With His Younger Self In The First Look At His Upcoming Time Travel Movie

Ryan Reynolds is a crazy busy guy, and in 2021 he is set to be absolutely everywhere. Not only will we likely see the release of both Free Guy and The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (which were originally scheduled as 2020 movies), he has also completed work on Red Notice, which teams him up with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. You'd think that would be enough for the guy in one calendar year, but it looks as though he might be preparing to add The Adam Project to the slate as well, as the film is currently in production, and has already shared its first look stills:

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The Adam Project, which made headlines last week by adding Mark Ruffalo to the cast playing Ryan Reynolds' father, is apparently now one week into filming, and its star as celebrated the occasion by posting two first look images online. From what we can tell, the first looks like a still from the movie, featuring Reynolds and newcomer Walker Scobell, and the latter is a behind-the-scenes shot, with the actor having a chat with director Shawn Levy and looking at something on the filmmaker's phone.

Based on a script written by T.S. Nowlin and Jonathan Tropper, the sci-fi thriller will follow Ryan Reynolds' character as he travels back in time to team up with his 13-year-old self in order to try and save the future. The adventure will involve the protagonist's father (the aforementioned Mark Ruffalo), who is a brilliant physicist, and Catherine Keener is on-board to play the primary antagonist who steals a key piece of technology from him. The movie also stars Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana in unannounced roles.

There isn't a whole lot to glean from these first look stills, but there are some interesting details to notice. For starters: if the plot involves looking for a stolen piece of technology, why are they searching around in the woods? Also, it's terribly hard not to notice the big blotch of fake blood that Ryan Reynolds is sporting right above his hip while talking with Shawn Levy. It's not exactly an "R-rated" amount of blood but noteworthy given Levy's track record directing exclusively family-friendly features.

The Adam Project is currently filming in Vancouver, and it already has distribution set up via Netflix. The streaming service is known for withholding release dates until they are a couple months out, but it's not impossible to believe that shooting could wrap either just before or right after the new year and be on a schedule that will allow it to be released around this time in 2021. Given its interesting plot and absolutely stacked cast, this is a title that definitely has our attention here at CinemaBlend, so we'll keep you posted about the most interesting details that arrive about the production.

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