Taika Waititi Reveals His Favorite Star Wars Scene Ahead Of His Own Movie

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The Star Wars franchise is in a unique place right now, as the Skywalker Saga ended a year ago with The Rise of Skywalker. And while the galaxy far, far away continues to grow thanks to The Mandalorian on Disney+, there will be a break before the franchise returns to the big screen. But there are some exciting projects in development, including Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron and a mysterious movie by Taika Waititi. And while we wait to see what he'll bring when returning to the property, Waititi recently revealed his favorite scene from the space opera.

Taika Waititi made his Star Wars debut in The Mandalorian, directing an episode in Season 1 while also playing the role of IG-11. He's clearly got a great working relationship with both Lucasfilm and Disney, given his work on the Thor franchise. Fans are eager to see that the recent Oscar winner will bring to the table with a Star Wars movie, and Waititi recently spoke to this favorite moment from the franchise. As he put it,:

My favorite moment is on Dagobah when Luke is trying to bring his X-wing out of the swamp. Then Yoda, with his three little fingers, brings the thing out of the swamp. Not only just brings it up to the surface, out of the water, and what does Luke say? 'I don't believe it.' That, for me, is the best moment in the film. That's a message I can take with me throughout my life.

Solid choice. Empire Strikes Back is widely considered the best entry in the Star Wars franchise, and it seems Taika Waititi is one of the many filmmakers that have been influenced by that beloved sequel. We'll just have to see how that factors into his upcoming work on a movie of his very own.

Taika Waititi's comments come from a video from the official Star Wars franchise, where he and other filmmakers from the galaxy far, far away reflected on the legacy of Empire Strikes Back. And it turns out that one of Waititi's favorite moments from in the galaxy comes from hat 1980 classic. Namely, when Yoda demonstrates his powers to Luke on Dagobah.

The Star Wars franchise is currently streaming in its entirety on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

The scene in question comes about midway through Empire Strikes Back, when Mark Hamill's hero is seeking Jedi Training from Master Yoda. While Luke is unable to lift his X-Wing from the waters where it crash landed, the little green guy is able to do exactly that. And in the process Frank Oz's character utters one of the most iconic Star Wars lines of all time. As a reminder, you can see how that scene went down below.

That certainly does make you feel something nostalgic. Star Wars became a sensation shortly after A New Hope hit theaters, so hype was at an all time high with Empire Strikes Back. But the sequel succeeds thanks to its character driven story, unhappy ending, and that infamous Vader reveal. But the Yoda magic does certainly add to the movie's overall success.

Practically nothing has been revealed regarding Taika Waititi's mysterious Star Wars movie. But with the Skywalker Saga in the rear view, he could seemingly tell whatever type of story he'd like. Regardless, he seems like a great choice to helm an installment of the beloved franchise, especially given his acclaimed work on the MCU and his Oscar winning movie Jojo Rabbit.

The Star Wars franchise is expanding on Disney+, while Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to hit theaters May 6th, 2022. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

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